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Is there a "safe" fabric for household furniture?

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Hi there!
I am the proud mama of two wonderful kitties who like to claw my chenille upholstered sofa and loveseat. It's obviously not my favorite of their habits and I've tried putting scratching posts nearby, scented deterrents, and double stick tape, but nothing seems to work. They don't do it when I'm around, but it's quite obvious that they continue to do it when I'm not present.

It's really not the biggest deal to me - I clearly love my cats much more than my stuff, but they've completely shredded the chair, and while they may enjoy this playground of theirs, I'm obviously not a big fan of the aesthetic they've created.

Before I think about incurring the expense of re-upholstering anything, I thought I'd try my hand at slipcovers. I've found some faux suede ones that I like, but even this is rather expensive.

So, before I rush out and buy, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to fabric materials that aren't so attractive to kitty claws.

Thanks for your input!
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I would try soft paws first!!! www.softpaws.com I don't think there is a "safe" fabric
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If you continue with training methods you could get a slip-cover in the meantime. Have you made lots of noise at them when they scratch (like a bottle full of coins?). Or park the vacuum next to where they scratch and turn it on when they do it. Sprinkle lime juice around (makes it easier if you have a slipcover as you can put more down). Are you using the good kidn of scratchign posts that are sisal wrapped, corrugated cardboard or bark? Carpet wont' be attractive.

Soft paws are good too as a last resort.
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Keep training to post and follow the above ... ohh and learn that a few pulled threads equals a one of a kind masterpiece
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I don't that there is one fabric that cats won't shred. My cats love chenille too, and the cheaper woolen fabric of an Ikea chair. They leave our leather chairs alone for scratching - but still leave marks on it unintentionally. Maybe try a smooth shiny material for the slipcovers.
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I have a couch and easy chair that is made with the fake suede stuff. It's not exactly as nappy as suede- more of a shiny type material though. My cats never claw it, but it is a magnet for cat hair to accumulate and you can really see it- we bought it BC (before cats) and it is black! I have had very good luck with my cats and clawing stuff. I have a few theories as to why- they have several kitty condos and a cat tree, I keep their nails clipped, the two older cats originally lived in my apt that had no carpets to claw, only the condos, and most of them never lived in a place with furniture that was upholstered with appealing fabric... The only problem I have is that Rocky likes to bite stuff- lampshades, and most recently a wooden knick knack shelf!
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I suggest Soft Paws too, or Soft Claws as they are sometimes called depending on where you get them...
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Our couch is that softer corduroy type material and it is wonderful...never a snag.
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Originally Posted by touro1979

DH and I got a microfiber sofa and the cat isn't too interested in scratching. There was one corner she went for but we sprayed a little bitter apple and she stays away from it now.
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I just got a microfiber couch and love seat.....the kits love to scratch it...However because its Microfiber just rubbing my hand over the scratch makes the scratches dissapear
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Our sofas have what looks like Corduroy material. 2 years of being used by 8 cats and there's not a scratch visible on them.
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