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What breed of dog Are you?

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C, you're a Pekingese!

No bones about it, you're a trendy, A-list Pekingese. Classy and fashionable, you love to be admired. Sure, that means you can be a bit high-maintenance at times, but you're worth it, right?

I completely disagree with that! I don't love to be admired, and I'm definently not fashionable!

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No bones about it, you're a friendly, easy-going Basset Hound. Laid-back and very low-maintenance, "down time" is your favorite activity — you treasure the moments when you don't have anything on your agenda except plopping down on the couch for a night of "Must-See TV."

Ugh! A basset hound????? I think I'll retake the test.... This dosen't describe me at all.
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I am a Cocker Spaniel.
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I am a Bernese Mountain Dog!

No bones about it, you're a good-hearted, people-loving Bernese Mountain Dog. Down-to-earth and loyal, no one works or plays harder than you do. You put your nose to the grindstone when it really counts, but you never neglect your social calendar.
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You and me both, Hell.
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Barb, you're a Poodle!

No bones about it, you're a go-ahead-and-spoil-me Poodle. Intelligent and discerning, why should you settle for anything but the best? No good reason comes to mind. You appreciate the finer things in life, from the trendiest clothes to the best restaurants

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So far, looks like I'm the only Chihuahua, here. Good things: diamonds, Godiva chocolates, come in small packages!
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Wow, I'm one of my favorite breeds!

Great Dane

No bones about it, you're the Adonis of all dogs — a Great Dane. Your perfect mix of brains and brawn wins you legions of fans wherever you go. Just snap your fingers and the crowd comes running. They all want to bask in your glory. (Okay, maybe it's not quite like that, but you get the idea.) Sophisticated and friendly, your laid-back temperament makes you popular and easy to talk to. And your capable nature helps you keep your head in a crisis, so people know they can count on you. Classy and smooth, cool and confident, who wouldn't want a Great Dane at the end of their leash? No one — woof!
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No bones about it, you're an adventurous Scottish Terrier. Fearless, feisty, and always up for a challenge, you like having things your way. Some people might even label you stubborn or headstrong. But we know you're just ambitious and motivated. (Being misinterpreted is such a trial, isn't it?) Besides, your can-do attitude serves you well when facing challenges at work or in your personal life. No job is too big, and absolutely no obstacle is going to stand in your way. You're always ready, willing, and able to rise to the challenge. A loyal, caring friend, you choose your pals very carefully, then stick by them through thick and thin. Woof!
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I am a cocker spaniel! They are so cute
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