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Homemade Cat Treats

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I'm looking to make my cats some cat treats, but also would like to make some to send out to online friends who have cats, so I'd like them to look good and be ok in the post for 2-7 days! Any recipies to share? :3
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Sorry i don`t have any recipes...but i`ll be checking back to see if you get any on here! Sounds like a great gift idea. :-)
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do a forum search, Hissy and pat&alix have posted some before
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Home remedyies are all well if you do perfectly well what you do, or when you dont have ANY possibility to get to a vet.

But otherwise they may be dangerous if you are trying with home remedies iwhen you should - and could go to the vet...

But if you take all the responsibility, here is a battery:

If cats (or your vomiting-sick child) need watering up /forcewatering:

1 soup-spoon of glucose or honey
1 tea-spoon of kitchen salt
a tiny little of bikarbonate if you have.
1 liter water. Mix it by heating. Let it be body-tempered again.
Dont spare to loong.

Administer with syringe of some sort (no needle) or eye dropper or straw, in the corner of mouth, across mouth, NOT down in the neck. Carefully.
Most easy if one holds, the other administering.

If cat needs washing of eye or wound:

1 tea-spoon of kitchen - salt
1 liter water
Mix by heating, let it be body-tempered before use.
Administer freely, it is cheap.
Dont spare to loong.

If the cat need forcefeeding: Look at the before, the glucose-solution is some nourishemnt in itself. You may also do in a mixer a watery thing of meat, a little good oil and butter. A little glucose and kitchen-salt.
Or make a soup of boiled meat and butter and oil, little kitchen salt and glucose.

Administer by syringe, eye dropper, straw - carefully etc.

If the cat is a little stopped:
butter or cheese of goat milk is excellent.

If the cat is heavy stopped: liquid paraffine oil is excellent.

(yes, veterinarians are also administering this - and the other remedies - but they do usually buy the ingredients at pharmacy.)

a little food oil in the ears. The mites drowns, and the oil helps to clean the dirt.

If the cat soiled by motor-oil:

Use dish-washer-soap.
If the cat very heavy soiled: take off the worst. Take on som food oil (fat is solving fat). And now dish-washer-soap.
(preferably Yes if you do have it in your country, otherwise almost any will do).
The cat may need veterinarian help as he perhaps got the oil inside...

Good luck! And be careful!
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A forum participant wrote:
Stefan the member was asking for a recipe for kitty treats not for an illness?!

One of us had seemingly a misunderstanding. Perhaps I, english is not my native language or a language I master very well.

If my information was not the information asked - and any moderator thinks they better not to be publicated - please feel free to take the post away.

EDIT: I did get explanation via mail. You can hopefully treat a condition yes - but treats is goodies.
Almost the same word but two different meanings... *smile*

Anyway, the home remedies I did wrote up are working, they are harmlessly if not misused - especially if you also have contact with vet. So I dont take away the post.
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How kind of you to offer this advice!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
How kind of you to offer this advice!
Do you mean my publishing the home remedy battery or my allowing you Mods to take away the post?

I know you Mods are reluctant to recommend home remedies - the standing recommendation is to go to vet. And rightly so.

Hissy told me this once when I was a little too hasty with "good advice". - The advice was probably good, but they should go to a vet... I saw it myself reading again the thread *sad smile*
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Here is a link: http://www.simplypets.com/pet-recipes/Cat/Treat

There are recipes for meals and treats for cats and other pets on that site
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