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you came in AFTER SUSIEQ DELETED her response - I'm not sayin this to you - to susieq who can't leave what she wrote in the first place. Have some nuts and re-post it. Of course, now they are making me look like I STARTED IT - HUH - THAT HAPPENS ALOT HERE.
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I DID pm you and say susieq went overboard cuz she did AND NOW HER RESPONSE IS GONE. HUH, INTERESTING. why don't you just post what I pm'd you?!?!/ I don't really care - this is silly and I'm laughing so hard I think I MIGHT FART.:tounge2:
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Hey Janet...just don't have a bab...er I mean Cow! :lol
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Oh hi Cleo!!!!!!!!! Welcome aboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Haven't seen you here at TCS in a long time!!!!! !Where ya been hiding at????????
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Maybe you should ask the modirator to put it back. Why would they delete your thread?
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I've been "lurking", just haven't seen anything I felt like posting to...kinda bored in general....life's like that sometimes.
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Oh its good to see you around again Cleo. I read your post at CatArena on how I sent Catarina "100 nasty emails", and that is a direct quote from your post...........just thought I'd take a moment to say it was only about 15 and they were all in response to ones she sent me. Just wanted to be sure you were up to snuff on the latest news. Glad to see you posting again!!!
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Janet - since the other thread seems to be gone - try clearing your pm sent box. Click on back to the beginning.
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Ady woman - my pm is empty but I can't get any mail - go figure - I dunno - um..... lemme go check again...
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since we've exhausted the subjects of farts and this can go nowhere good, I'm closing down shop.

move on, there's nothing to see here
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