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Neighbor's dog

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My neighbors have two pit bulls, and one of them is kind of a runt, but she can jump the fence. Every time I feed my dog, she jumps the fence and eats all his food. Usually, she is a real friendly dog to me, but when there's food involved, she acts like pure evil.

I have spoken to the neighbors countless times, and taken her back home, and finally I started calling the animal control, because A. She attacks my dog to get his food, and B. I can't afford to feed her. Animal control just comes out and says they will talk to the neighbors. Last time, the neighbors chained a gas can to their dog, and that worked pretty well, but today she came over the fence gas can and all.

The neighbors also have five kids, and they are constantly out in the yard. I don't think they are very well taken care of, because I have caught the two preschoolers throwing dog turds across the fence, and all the kids are frequently out playing with the pit bulls till midnight or so.

I hate to be a b****, but what can I do?

Oh, by the way, the hungry pit bull is in my back yard right now with her gas can chained to her neck eating her second bowl of food, and animal control is on the way.
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Doesn't sound like you're making much headway (or are likely to) about your neighbour's dog -- or your neighbour, for that matter. Perhaps the only solution is to feed your dog indoors, so that it ceases to be an issue.
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I had problems with my neighbor and their succession of dogs - they went through 4 in a matter of 4 years. Yes, they all met an untimely death either by starvation, running into the street, etc.

I was on a first name basis with our animal control officer. The animosity between us and our neighbors almost escalated to violence a few times. They would do anything and everything to antagonize us for calling animal control. We did try to work it out with them first before calling.

We finally moved.
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I think you need to continue to call.. I know it doesn't seem to be working but everytime it happens you need to have it recorded. Don't worry about being a b#$$%. I think its an accident waiting to happen. I hope you are able to get this taken care of.
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Those people really need to have those animals taken away from them if they can't take care of them. And probably social services ought to come check out those kids as well from the sounds of things.

Perhaps it would be worth telling animal control that if nothing is done this time around, you will be in touch with the police and ask that the creatures be removed from their care?
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Is it just me thinking this, or is attaching a gas can by chain to a dogs neck, not cruel and kind of dangerous as a choke hazard should the can get stuck as the dog jumps the fence?
There must be another option to restrain the dog. Sounds like your neighbors are real winners. I hope you can get some resolution without animals or people getting injured.
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I know some will think this harsh but I havent had luck with animal control either... can you put something on the top of the fence so she cant get over?? chn wire wound like barbed>>???
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Yeah, I thought the gas can was kind of cruel as well. And the chain around her neck was about 3 inches think, so it was heavy. Animal control took the dog this time.

I just hate doing things like that.
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You are well within your rights to call animal control. Sheesh sounds like they should round up those kids while they're at it.
I'm a big fan of the maxim "good fences make good neighbours".
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Originally Posted by Kathylou
Yeah, I thought the gas can was kind of cruel as well. And the chain around her neck was about 3 inches think, so it was heavy. Animal control took the dog this time.

I just hate doing things like that.
You did the right thing! The poor dog doesn't deserve to have a gas can tied around its neck. What kind of life is that?
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