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Nutro Natural Choice

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Does anyone else have a kitten on this food? Marlee is close to 5 months (we think) and weighs 4.5-5 lbs. I sort-of free feed her....meaning I will make sure her bowl is never empy, but I do measure using a 1/4 cup scoop in her food bag. My question is, she hasn't seemed to always eat as much as the bag recommends. If she is really 5 months then she is eating at the low end of her recommendation (20-29 weeks should be given 1/2-3/4 cup per day by the bags standards). She eats about 1/2 cup a day, maybe a little more. I do think she ate more when she was younger, b/c I remember filling up her bowl more than twice a day. Anyways, is this okay as long as she looks/feels/acts healthy? She has definately grown and gained weight since I've had her, and I can't feel any ribs at all or anything of that sort.
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A lot of times cat food manufacturers recommend a little bit more than is actually needed because they want to sell more food. Her weight is right for her age and if she seems healthy and happy then I wouldn't worry. I'm glad you picked a brand of food with no by products.
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I am a demonstrator for Nutro and I do tell folks to use the guidelines as a starting mark... My Zoey eats double the recommend and Gigi eats only a third... Kandie eats right on with canned ... Marlee is right within the wt for her age so she is getting enough
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Thank you both for the replies! My BF thinks I'm too over-protective of her, but she is my baby and especially considering the shape she was in when I got her, I worry a little too much!

By the way, I only settled on Nutro after spending a bit of time on this site, searching and asking questions. Marlee seems to like it, and the price is not too crazy!
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I use Nutro as well...and I found that my cats were eating a lot less then they would with other brands (though both bags recommended around the same). I found the higher the quality of food...the less they needed to satisfy them. Might be there same for your little one.
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Mine are on Nutro Natural Choice kitten as well and they eat less on that than other dry foods. I think the Nutro is more filling to them.
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