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Maj. Grey - continuing to surprise

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For those following the story of Maj. Grey - he continues
to surprise!

Last night was milder - and though I had patio
cushions by the slider etc etc. He chose to come up to the
deck level!!

And look into the French doors at us!! (We can't see
him, he can see us because the lights are on inside and not out.)

He has done this several times now. So, I can only assume
we are under "observation" like a PI does with a "target", lol!

Earlier I had put out a small dog sized bed my cat
Shebs slept in (circular with sides to keep out drafts)
and lo and behold - that's where he decided to spend his night!!

They way I know this? I accidentally opened the deck door, scaring the
poor dear. He ran 2 steps - stopped not 5 feet from me
and drew himself up straight, tail curled round his feet and looked
at me like a regal lion!

So, I slowly (without looking at him) put out
a bowl with a little chow - I'd taken in all the
other downstairs stuff, as I suspect nocturnal
visitors frightening him has led to his feeling
safer on the deck.

And then I put out a second heavier duty foam
bed with a nice comfy fleece doubled up in it.

And closed the door. Come morning tide he
was at the hole in the gate, awaiting his chow
call. The blanket in the cat bed was ruffled -
someone had slept in it!

I called and then put out food in the food
shelter. And retreated to watch him. He
ate, then went and sat on the snow free
stairs of the deck to do his washing. Finally
he trotted back to the hole in the gate,
and sat on the wood "pad" at the entrance -
for all the world as if to say - "this is my
yard, and my food!".

I hope that today he will once more spend his night
in the cat bed on the deck (sheltered next to the house
from the cold NW and W winds!)

And I'm considering putting the dog house
up on the deck - if he likes being there so
much more than down under the deck area.

Lexi visited several times in the night - and I
can only assume he has seen her go in and out
the pet door. One day he is bound to try it...

Way to go Maj. Grey!!!
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Wonderful how Maj. Grey is learning to trust you! Good for Lexi, showing him that comfort and shelter are there in your home! Keep up the good work - you have really been a blessing to these cats!
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Well, last night he surprised again. I tempted him to eat inside, and
he decided he liked the warmth so much down in the basement, that
he gave me a quick look and scooted over to "his" closest corner.

Then settled for a snooze. After a bit, Lexi and I were playing and he
got a bit nervous, and ran toward the closed door. I pretended not to notice, and He didn't panic much - just continued on to behind a desk, then peeked out to watch me and Lexi
playing with our feather duster!! He wanted in on the action I think!

I left the door closed as it was going to be damp and cold ...
He stayed down there, no problems. At 6 ish this morning
I got out of bed, opened up the basement slider and went
back to bed till about 8:20 our usual feed time.

I went out and called him, and fed him - he came at first towards
the house, then corrected towards his "food station". He ate,
and went back out the gate. To "guard" his food from other
cats in the hood (of which there is one he dusts it up with!)

Lexi was out at the same time, and this cat was bothering her
and Grey just came out and stared at him - he slunk away and
left Ms. Lexi alone!!

Tonight will be very cold - with windchills - so I plan to open up
the back at dinner time when I go home from work for my break.
Then go back to work and close up around 9 pm - that way he
has a chance to come in and rest, or sleep inside if he decides he
wants to. Who knows? He may even spend the night in!

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That's two nights inside this week, isn't it? Apparently he has learned that you are to be trusted. I hope he comes in tonight, with those wind chills and all!
It seems he considers the yard his and Lexi's, and may soon think of the house in the same way.
Have you been able to pet him at all yet?
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Not quite 2 nights in a row, but definitely 2 nights, the first accidental, the second "choosen".... by him!

No, I can't pet him.
Not sure if I'll ever get that close to him - he lets
me get within 5 ft. sometimes... but only if I'm sitting perfectly still and preferably when he's got lots of scoot room!! Sigh.

Getting to pet
him might go better when a) he is neutered and b) I can lie outside with him
while he eats! Bit hard in this cold weather, LOL.

I am hopefully that after TNR (he may run for a while) he
will settle back down. He spooks easy, but always comes
back to check us out, so Ms. Lexi must be good publicity for us, LOL!!!

He sure doesn't bother her much, and I was amazed he came out
when she squalled at the other cat this morning!

I slept real well last night knowing he was in. And currently I'm
at work as I write, with my slider doors open from 5-9 pm,
so he can either rest inside out of the cold, or decide to tuck up
and get some serious rest - if he moves away from the door
area - hee hee - I can sneak down and CLOSE the door!! Send me
positive vibes and prayers I can do it!! (for his own good).

And he may choose to come in tomorrow night too, in the
face of rain/sleet/snow... he's no slow top. Inside is alright
he figures, when its bad outside!!!
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Well KathyLou, he didn't spend the terribly cold night in, despite me
leaving the house open when I was at work.

But he was there this am,
and eager to come inside the slider door to eat, LOL!! He meowed at me
a couple of times this morning, and we got a little conversation going... I think
this is odd for something of a shy feral, but hey, what do I know?!!

He hung around, in and out and in and out, because I disturbed
him a couple of times, but then I went off to work this am, and left door cracked open.

It is still very cold and a few hours of warmth and sleep would be good
for him I think. I will go back at 1 pm and close up. He'll probably
have been in and out resting...

I put out a cat basket by the slider door, with snuggle disks and LOTS of catnip, which he investigated, but would not settle down in... I think
he will settle down in it, IF it is quiet outside.

I've done all I can for him, and if he refuses to shelter at my place, I
can't force him, I just hope he's doing okay where ever he
goes. I know my place is safer AND drier AND warmer, LOL! And that
he'll get an un-interrupted night's sleep, LOL...

I think he's gotten wise to going in basement hidey spot and getting
"shut" in by accident. Sigh. I was SOOO hoping to do that again
when it storms on Thursday... fingers crossed he'll be SENSIBLE and
come inside and let me close the door of his own choice...

Send good vibes to me and ole Grey, I am wanting him to be
in esp. tomorrow when the ice storm is supposed to hit..
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