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If your cat could talk, what sort of a voice would they have? - Page 2

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would have totally different voices.
mumu would have a winy teen voice
butter would have a delicate voice that sounded frail

mumu is slightly psycho compared to butter. butter just eats and lays on people
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I think KoKo would have a mischievous little boy voice like Dennis the Menace.
Molly would have a Lauren Bacall deep throaty voice.
Lily would have a little sweet southern girl voice.
B.B. would be a little boy voice.
Joanne would have the authoritive know-it-all temperament type voice.
Lola would be the talkative little one with all the "why this, why that?"
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Safari would have sort-of a high-pitched, psycho voice...lol!
And Petoskey would have a raspy voice!
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Zakk- very expressive voice- very commanding and authoritive
Rocky- would sound like someone who has a chronic cold or stuffed up nose, b/c he does- he would also have a whiny quality to his voice... Now that I think of it I'm grateful he doesn't talk!
Cookie- Goofy, kid like voice- he's only 5 months
Suzie- wouldn't talk much but would usually have a quiet sweet voice.. until she got mad at the others or was picked up when she didn't want to be- then she would have a loud voice that you were surprised came from her. (She's a shy 5 month old kitty w/attitute)
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Harvey would have a distinguished, older man's voice...probably with a slight British accent.
Tailer would have a laid-back surfer dude's voice...like Spiccoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
Forest would sound like a hyperactive little boy who desperately needs his Ritalin adjusted...high pitched, fast paced, and constantly talking, talking, talking.
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Dunkin would sound like Egar Allen Poe I think
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Originally Posted by OllyExtra05
I think Oliver would sound, well, maybe a little like Forrest Gump. Not necessarily southern, but, you know, very sweet, but kind of slow
That would have been our RB Nibs. For sure.

Fawn would be a hyperactive, precocious, motormouth 7 year old (presumably, they do sleep, as she is doing now )

Cindy would alternate between the clingy kid, tugging on Mum's skirts "Mum... Mum... Mum... Mum... Muuuuuuuuuuummmmm!" and the supercilious 14 year old who has no time for dumb parents, and little to say to them.

Suzy...Suzy...would have a tiny voice and a reticent demeanor, mostly quite apologetic, always very proper, but quite capable of raising her voice when necessary to get her point across.
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hrmn... I think Tosca would probably be very quiet for most of the time.... but when she did speak, it would be soft and sultry - a proper lady. Almost a Joanna Lumley affair I think!!
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This is fun to think about!

Morrell is easy - he would sound like a leader of the Mafia!!! "Hey Tony!!"
Molly would have a very sophisticated voice and would use perfect English - and be a tad bit arrogant.
Bella would talk a million miles an hour and would be a big whiner and would ask a multitude of questions (like the kid on Home Alone who asked the van driver question after question!).
Noah would have a quiet child-like voice and would not say much at all.
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