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Tale of Kitten and Christmas Tree :)

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Well we cut and brought in our Christmas tree. Ling Ling was put in the bedroom till it was set up (no decorations yet). Then she was let out to check it out. LL is our 5 month old kitten (hard headed and a brat right now). This is her first tree inside. She will be an indoor kitty only and spayed next month. We also have our 14 yr old rex who is bored with Christmas trees by now...lol

So LL comes down and slinks around the tree to check it out. We didn't say a word, just let her check it out (the tree is the "pointy kind"). She poked her nose on the branches and put a paw or two on it.

However when she got underneath it to check the water out or put a paw on the base of the tree..............lo and behold the tree suddenly squirted water on her!

LL high tailled it up the steps and sat for 5 mins looking at the tree. Later she came down and went to the tree - the min she did wrong the tree again squirted water. She started complaing to me.

I gave her a feather to play with and told her "well that must be a bad tree to be around if you got wet - I'd stay away from it".

We didn't have any more problems the rest of the nite - she still sleeps in my son's room at nite and not let out to run the house.

We'll see what happens to LL and the tree when its decorated - so far so good.
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what are you using to make the tree squirt water at her? I need to find something to keep my cats away from the tree. I personally don't mind them being under the tree, and after reading other posts here, I count myself lucky that they just want to be under it and not in it, but hubby is very bothered this year by them being anywhere near the tree. So here I am looking for ways to discourage this.
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I thought you guys would not take me so literaly....lol

I was sitting at the pc about 6 feet from the tree watching her or sitting on the couch watching - squirt bottle in hand - she didn't know I did it - she figured the tree did it. Which is the point. You don't want them to see the bottle in your hand.
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