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Pregnant Cat who use the litter box

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I just picked up an stray pregnant cat, I've had her for a couple of days and she won't use the littler box, she knows what is for, since she used to be a house cat(she still wears a flea collar). Does it mean she's gonna give birth soon, her belly is really big and low,or should I give her some sort of natural laxative? I know it's not good for pregnant women not to use the bathroom, I don't know about cats. Help please.

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No laxatives unless you've called the vet!

Has she been eating? She will start refusing food and water when labor is near, and may even vomit.

Since she's so big, she probably knows her time is soon.

As long as she's not showing any other signs of illness, I wouldn't worry. But if she's still not eliminating and labor hasn't commenced in the next day or two, I would probably call the vet.
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Yes, please call the Vet for advise......
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Cooie - thank you for tht information. I have been wondering how to tell about when Goldie might 'blow' too!
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Countess - if this kitty is brand new to you, they will often take a while to eat and use the box. I know it frightened me when I first took in a few feral kitties. My Goldie didn't eat, drink or 'go' for two days! Have faith and patience. Make sure she has a quiet spot and feels secure - a room that is not used, for example? Let us know!
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Hehe, I think i'm about to be a grandmother, I was lucky I picked her up in time, she's made her nest in the dirty clothes basket, now i just need to be in the look out. Thank you for all the replies, it's amazing how quickly I got some answers. Now all I need is people in the hialeah/miami area to want kitties, otherwise I'll have to give them to the Humane Society. By the way sorry for the mispelling in the subject tittle.

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This is the BEST place up here to get cat information. I am glad that you are joining us. Keep us posted Gram! How wonderful to live in Hawaii!!! You lucky dog - um, I mean CAT!
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If she's already making a nest, she's ready to "domino"!
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