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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
Tania, I am so sorry you lost this litle sweet one. At least at the end, she was well loved and taken care of thanks to you. RIP sweet little angel
to you - feel better soon!
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I am so sorry you lost this angel.
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I'm so sorry she passed away. Such a sweet little creature deserved a better shot at life. At least you did all you could for her, it was just out of your hands.
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Little Hope ... you were loved sweet darling.
RIP baby angel.
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So sorry to hear that little Hope didn't pull through. to you Tania -- it wasn't for want of trying!

Moving to the Bridge now.
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Awww Tania, I'm so sorry sweet Hope didn't make it. She knew soooo much love in her short time here on earth. She's at the Bridge now, watching over her guardian angel, thankful for all that you did for her.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Hope, the little angel....Rest in peace little one....
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Tania, I'm so sorry to hear of little baby Hope's passing. She was an angel on earth, and now she's an angel with her fur-family.
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i am so sorry to hear of the loss of lil in peace lil one
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Condolences on the loss of little Hope. Thank you for giving her a chance, and for giving her love, hope & a name before she crossed RB - her story was heard round the world, and all of us back here on earth mourn her passing. RIP, sweet angel! And, Hope, if you see a big, white dog come bounding over, don't be afraid, that's Tasha, my beloved shep/husky cross who knows all about taking care of little kitties - she'll give you "the tour for newcomers"
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Tania, I am sorry she didn't make it.

rip, sweet Hope.
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I am so sorry, Tania. What a heartbreaking specialty you are in...saving the tiniest of babies. I pray that God will ease your pain, and give you peace. And that you will find the strength to give the next tiny one a chance.

Bless you for caring for the babies. Bless you for loving each tiny furry life. Someday, when we are all together, over the Rainbow Bridge, you will have a special sunny place for you and all your tiny babies, those who grew to be big boys, and the little ones like Hope who left too soon. The little ones will look like a field of flowers, each tiny face, whether black or orange or calico, looking up at you in love. And you will know the peace of never again losing a beloved baby.

Hope is in good company over the bridge. Stay safe, sweet little one. If you see a jet black baby, that is B.B., who passed despite the loving care of an experience Momma cat.

Condolences, Tania.
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Bless her little heart

Tania i'm so sorry because we all know how much dedication you give these kittens that come into your life

RIP Hope, play happily over the bridge with all the other baby kittens
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O no baby Hope
Your mommy and siblings missed you, and asked for you to join them in heaven at the rainbow bridge.
RIP Hope. You will be missed
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Tania, I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of precious little Hope. Thank you for showing her such love and care. RIP baby girl.
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I'm very sorry Hope didn't make it..I'm sure she's at the RB playing with her mommy and brothers and sisters.
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Oh, I'm so sorry Tania

RIP little angel Hope.
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Poor baby Hope!
At least she is now with her kitty family on the other side.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, Tania. Rest peacefully over the bridge, baby Hope.
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