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Some questions....

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Within the last week, I have had two experiences in my house, that I wonder if they could have caused Princess Alexis's infection.

1 Pete came nose to nose with Sircorro (feral) when he came into the house. It was just for a minute.

2 Someone gave me a kitty condo. It's a big one and it is beautiful. My babies have never had one, so I took it.

Could either of these things caused her infection? I have never had a sick cat in the house since I lost DiddoKahli last year. I don't handle my babies being sick very well, and I am angry.

I need some guidance here and any and all comments, ideas will be gratefully accepted.
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Well some bacteria is airborn and could come from either one the condo or the feral cat.
What kind of infection does Princess Alexis have?
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They could not get a urine sample, so we are not sure if it is a bladder infection or a UTI
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It could have come from the cat condo I know they are expensive, but they really need to have their own. You never know how many cats have used a used one. Then again the infection might have happened regardless of either incident, something she may just be coming down with? Let us know what the test results are.
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She's been on amoxicillin since Friday, and I jump-started her with it. One dose when we got home, and within a few hours she had some urine come out but nothing I could save. I gave her another dose when we went to bed. After that it is one in the morning and one at night.

We are NOT going to get sample from this cat, I know that for sure. But she is feeling better, she's drinking and only going to the litter box every couple of hours instead of every 35 seconds.

I just don't understand where the infection could have come from. Come to think of it, Diddo has loose stools and Pete threw up this morning ( maybe hair balls) Boy am I paranoid.
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You will drive yourself crazy trying to figure out where this came from. If your cats caught something off the cat condo it wouldn't have been a UTI nor would it have been a mild infection. Generally the airborn viruses affect the sinuses first so your cats would have shown signs of URI. It is possible that the scents associated with the cat post (old cat scents) that we can't smell, but the cats can, stressed your cat out enough to think there were intruders in the house that she became blocked- which is a common symptom of stress in cats. I would invest in a couple of bottles of Feliway spray and spray down the cat condo throroughly. And don't be mad, cats get sick, it just happens. Get mad only if you can't afford to pay for their care when they are sick, or keep up with routine care in their lives.
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