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Scratching Woodwork?

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Our furry babies have developed a bad habit of scratching our woodwork especially the door frames.

How can we make it stop...

We have to completely replace the woodwork in 4 doorways in our house from them scratching.

Of the 6 cats 3 scratch the wood like this.
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Do you have a cat tree or cat condo that your cats can use for scratching instead? Maybe you couls provide a scratch pole made from uncovered wood - as they appear to enjoy the texture of this!

I would also suggest putting double sided cellotape on the door frames that they like to scratch as the stickiness of this will deter them! But you will need to provide a suitable alternative for them to use!
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The double-sided tape is a good idea, and you can get a version of it at pet stores made specifically for this situation. You also may consider using Soft Claws/Paws. Trimming the cats' claws is another option. You can spray the area they are scratching with a citrus scent, as cats do not like that smell. Whenever you catching scratching inappropriately, say "no" firmly. Pick them up and bring them to the appropriate scratching post and scratch on it yourself so they get the idea (I know it sounds silly but it does work.) Treating your scratching post with catnip will help attract them to it, too.
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I wouldn't replace the doors until you find another scratch appropriate object. I think having a sisal scratching post next to the door (if possible) and teaching them to scratch that would be a good start. Also soft paws/claws, trimming their nails, and the double-sided tape mentioned in other posts would be other good solutions as well. Good luck!
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I had one do that for a while on the dining room table leg. We made a very simple scratch post out of a 3" diameter tree trunk (about 3 feet tall) that was bolted to a piece of plywood (base). We put the scratch post in the room with the table and when she went after the table leg, we re-directed her to the scratch post. We also sprayed the table leg with a citrus cleaner over and over again as many cats don't like that smell.

Good luck!
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SOFT PAWS, SOFT PAWS, SOFT PAWS! Oliver did the SAME thing while he was living with my parents for awhile (he's confined to my bedroom there because he doesnt get along with the dog - although we're working on that - and my mom is somewhat allergic)... he nearly destroyed my bedroom and closet doors and one of my dressers as well as got a few slices in the wallpaper... we tried "no scratch" spray and that did NOTHING to deter him, so I went to petsmart and picked up some soft paws and they've saved our relationship (his and mine and his and my parents'), my furniture and my skin!! They are the best thing ever (as I'll NEVER EVER EVER declaw a cat)!! Oliver doesnt mind having his paws touched and they're quite easy to apply... you can have a groomer or vet tech show you/do it as well if you're not comfortable... Oliver still scratches at his post and occasionally other things, but does NO damage! The caps fall off one by one as the nails shed and you just replace them as needed! (wow, I should be a soft paws dealer, hahahaha)
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Thank you all for the response. I have a package of soft claws that I am going to put on one cat tonight (she is the worst at scratching the door frames)

I have done the sticky tape before and it worked temporarily.

We have a big cat tree as well as a floor scratcher for them. I think I will look into the wood scratcher for them though, other than the noise from it is very annoying. I love all my cats and I want us all to be happy together!
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the petsmart nearest to me has some ready done posts with wood for not much$$ 50 ish I think
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Mellie likes to jump up on the door frame. She's not using it as a "scratching post" but she does have alll her claws, so I don't really want her to do it. I tried all the usual deterrents and finally just ended up covering the woodwork where she jumps with craft paper.
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We have 6 cats now and only one has done this. I added sticky paws to the doorways and this has stopped, double stick tape is basically the same thing.
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