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It looks like her head came off!

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lol Twitch has started wearing a collar yesterday since she must wear a collar & ID tag while she is boarded. I put it on & she never complained once. Everytime I look at her, she looks funny. Her fur is so fluffy & poofy. It sticks out weird around the collar. I know this sounds stupid, but is there a way to get her fur to lay a little flatter around the collar? Does your babies fur stick out funny? Lily's fur sits flat, but she is a kitten & has been in the house since she was very young. I have some pictures of what I am talking about. Don't pay any attention to her eye. She is on an eye cream that makes her eye look goopy right after you put it on. I put the cream on her eye & took the pic a mintue later.

Her head looks detached from her body.

She doesn't like this picture. It makes her face look fat.

I have been wiping her eye clean with some pre moistened pet wipes. Would those work for around her neck?
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It's best just to gently wipe her eye with a cotton ball dipped in some warm water. The ingredients (especially the scents) may be irritating her eye further.

As for her collar, the fur will settle down as Twitch (and her fur) get used to it.
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Just to add, make sure the collars on your cats aren't too tight. This can sometimes cause the 'disembodied head' look. You should be able to easily fit two fingers inside the collar when it's on the cat.
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Tell Twitch that she is a real beauty, alright I agree with Tania that if the collar isn't too tight, it's just that the fur needs to be "tamed". And Tania is showing some great insight about the wipes - the fragrances in many products are very irritating! BTW, the pictures are ADORABLE. Susan
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Your cats are gorgeous, it does look tight, even though I know you wouldnt put it on too tight I just think the way she's sitting makes it look tight. Sleeves' neck seems to get bigger when he lies down and skin gathers around his neck, does she look like that when she stands up coz if not maybe thats whats happening..
poor thing she'll get used to it and Good girl Twitch for not making a fuss
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I've got the collar as small as it will go. I can fit two fingers in there easily. It doesn't seem any tighter when she lays down or sits down or licks her back half . Twitch has a beautiful coat. The vet comments on how soft & fluffy she is every time we visit(if only Twitch could hear that ). It has been a week since I put the collar on & her hair still sticks out. All well. She is cute when she looks funny like that! As for her eye. It has gotten better. We are done with the eye cream now. It isn't all goopy around her eye & there aren't any boogers anymore! She looks like a healthy cat, except for when she sits weird & it looks like her head it detached!
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