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Again with the eye thing!!!

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So Mr. Murphy finished his second round of eye cream about a week ago. His eyes were fine until yesterday, now he is getting the goopy eyes again I will call the vet as soon as they open, I just wanted some advice from ya'll. He is scheduled to be nuetered on Fri. I hope the eye thing does'nt interfere with his appointment. He is fine otherwise, just the goopy eyes( sigh) I will let you all know what the vet says I also, yesterday, bought a new kind of dry food, one that contains l-lysine. the previous brand did'nt. I hope that helps a little.
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I love my vet!!!!! I have posted about them before, but I have to say it again I absolutly love them! I can come in tonight after work and pick up another tube of eye cream. They said the eye problem will not interfere with the surgery. So I am pretty relieved right now Thanks for listening to my rambling on
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Good news. What was Murphy diagosed with, in regards to the eye problem?
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The vet says the eye goo is a remnant of the original URI he had when I first adopted him, and with him being soo young at that time and his immune system not developed some of the virus is still with him and that he has'nt completly shed it yet.The eye thing is the only problem, he is not sneezing anymore, and he is healthy otherwise. I am hoping the benefits of the l-lysine helps him kick it for good. He was soo mad this morning when I got the remainder of the ointment out, he was like O mom!!! I thought we were done with this stuff!!!!! he absolutly hates it! But he is a good boy, and meowmy always gives him a nice treat afterwards.
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Yes, I was wondering, because it sounds as if he has feline herpes virus. This is a virus that causes what he's experiencing. The eye symptoms come and go. The break outs are triggered by stress or other illnesses. Some cats have chronic flare-ups.
Mild break-outs where you just see some goop in his eyes usually resolves on it's own without meds. And really the meds do nothing but treat secondary infection, as this is a virus.
I think the problem with the ointment, is that it stresses the cat out even further, in that he hates having it applied. Puts you in a catch 22 situation.
I've also seen situations where putting the ointment in does more harm than good because the cat constantly rubs his eye to remove the ointment and actually causes corneal abrasions, even to the point of making the eye cloudy.
There is a difference between a URI and feline herpes, although most vets won't break it down for you. Maybe you can quiz your vet a little when you pick up the ointment. See if he thinks it could be feline herpes.
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Yeah I'll def run that by him when I am there tonight. I was reading on TCS that like 95 % of cats have the herpes virus He might very well have it. I hope he can one day overcome whatever virus is pestering him. He is getting really BIG!!!! So hopefully so is his immunity.
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When we first got Sleeves he was 6 weeks old and had a goopy eye and the lady gave us eye drops she had got from the vets, or so we thought, she hadnt actually been to the vets with them, we later found out so Id imagine the drops were pretty old, so they did nothing. He just had constant eye infections until he was about 4 months old. Looked like he was sucking a gobstopper half the time.
Eventually they just stopped and the vet had told us that he would grow out of them, as he did. Just persevere with it and hopefully he will just grow out of it too, although treating it can be a nightmare, they think you are trying to kill them or something!
Definately ask about the herpes thing too.
Good luck and get better soon kisses for you baby

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It sounds like the herpes virus to me. The amount of lysine in the cat food might not be enough. My kitty needs 500 mg per day to keep her eyes clear and beautiful. You can break open a capsule and mix it with Mr. Murphy's wet food.
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Thanks everyone!!!!! Happy Holidays
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