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Well guy, I'm graduating from UCF with my B.Sc. in Psychology in about an hour. I'm SO excited!!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me that I don't trip while I'm crossing the stage.

And also I'm leaving for a short road trip with my roommate tomorrow. If we could have safe travel vibes that would be much appreciated.

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Ooooooo CONGRATULATIONS!!!! My friend Vicky tripped on the stage on her way to get her certificate (which we got on camera! Eeheehee) but she played on it, and she turned it into a series of silly poses and then got up and said to an already laughing audience that it was ok, she meant to do that - but she hoped nobody saw her knickers!

I'm sure you'll do just grand (just don't wear silly high heeled boots and you'll do ok!!

Well done - you really worked for this, and I'm so glad you're finally going to get a break!
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LUCKY! And congratulations, have a wonderful time on your trip, you deserve it!
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Congratulations Katherine! And have a fab time the two of you
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That is wonderful news!! Congratulations!
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Congratulations! Have a great trip too!

I've actually been to your school once. My parents live relatively near the area and my dad had to go out there for something. Nice school.
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Congrats!!!! Doesn't it feel good to be a college graduate??? Good for you Katherine! You may have lost something this year----but you gained something much more valuable...... a college degree!!!!
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Congratulations, Katherine!

I hope it all goes well at Graduation and you have lots of fun on your road trip!
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Congratulations & have a happy trip!
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Kath...Congratulations... from the bottom of my heart!

I wish you, so many goals you can reach in your life! ......
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Way to go! Very exciting! Have a safe and FUN road trip- you earned it girl!
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Congratulations on getting that degree.
Now you and your roomie have a wonderful time on your trip!!!
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Awesome!!! Congratulations!!!
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Congratulations Katherine!!! Can I be your first patient? Vibe-o-ramma for the trip with your roomate too.
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YAY how exciting! You should be very proud of yourself!!

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{safe-travel vibes}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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Yay Katherine!!

Have a wondeful (safe!) trip!!
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Congratulations! I hope you too have a fun and safe trip.
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Thank you sooooooooo much everyone!!! Yesterday was so crazy that I didn't get a chance to come on here and thank everyone but I hope you all know how much I appreciate your well wishes and congrats!! The ceremony went really well, I didn't trip (despite my 3 inch heels), and I really had a blast. We'll be leaving on our trip in (hopefully) an hour after we exchange Christmas gifts and all of that. I'm so happy to finally have a degree in something!!!!!!!! Oh and Ryan, step right up, you can absolutely be my first client!
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Congratulations! Have fun on your trip and be CAREFUL!
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Have a great trip!!
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Congratulations and have a safe and wonderful trip!
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