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Music For Cats and Friends

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I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, so please move if needed and sorry!

I recently discovered the CDs 'Music for Cats and Friends' to aid in relaxation and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these?! I have ordered the set and am going to give them a try, but would like to find out if others found it worked well!

From what I have read, it is very relaxing for the owner too, so either way, I know that I will like these CDs!

Have any of you tried these? What did you think?

Due to my slow dial-up connection, I was unable to hear the excerpt, so if you could describe the kind of music, I would really appreciate it!
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i found it on here: http://www.petsandmusic.com/en/

could only listen to one track before the page froze but it was very calming and easy to listen too.
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i listened to a couple of the segments online, and it was very mellow and relaxing, however, i can't say that Clinton cared at all what i was listening to. might be kind of neat to try though if it could be found affordably.
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Thanks, Nicky and Danalee!

I'm thinking that it sounds good from what you both have said! Tibby and Molly love my meditation music, so I hope that if this is similar it might just work! (otherwise I'll get more relaxation music! )

It should arrive any day now, so when we have a listen I'll let you know what they think!
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I've recently found out that my cat Holly (the one in my signature) can't stand this great romanian song that I listen to. She just howls until I get it to stop.
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Sierra and Serenity have one album from the set, Sarah, and we all really enjoy it! I put it on as lovely background music, and it's so relaxing, and often leave it playing for my girls when I have to go out. Sure hope you, Tibby, Molly, and Willow enjoy your new albums just as much as we have!
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Sam, that's so funny!

Stephanie, I'm so pleased that Sierra and Serenity like it! I'm really hoping that Tibby, Molly and Willow like it too, as I would like to play it for them when I have to go out - they're getting a little bored with our local Smooth radio station!

From what you have all said, it really sounds like it will make lovely background music for our home! I'm really excited to receive them and give them a try!
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