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Stray cat. How old? Why licking so much?

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Recently "let in" a "stray" cat. Neighbors moved and left her behind Haven't taken her to the vet yet. We let her in because it was getting so cold at night and she was scratching at our door. She looks to be a purebred siamese (with all the flaws--crossed eyes, six toes on each foot) I'm wondering if there are any ways to estimate her age. She is very tiny but I just know she's older and not a kitten. She seems to have all of her teeth but I've noticed that she sometimes has a hard time eating the kitty kibble. She doesn't play much but does get a bit crazy in the evenings.
My other question is in regard to her grooming habits. She licks herself more than I feel is normal. I don't have other cats currently but from what I remember, they didn't seem to lick this much! She is particularly interested in her back, specifically the top of her tail. I did a fur check and there was no evidence of fleas, lice or ticks. I know I need to get her to the vet for a check-up, but $ is tight before Christmas and I thought that the most important thing to do was get her inside as it is very cold at night these days and I've spotted raccoons near our house at night.
Oh, one more question. How do you tell if a cat is deaf? This gal startles pretty easily and I'm not sure if it is because she can't hear me coming.
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Bless you for taking this cat in...that is very good of you and she is lucky to have found someone to take her in.....

As for fleas...w/ it being cold I wouldnt worry too much about that...But it was good of you to check...

As for over grooming...keep an eye on it...but it is common for a cat who is under stress which i can imagine this poor girl is..they can over groom a bit....

And as for age...that is hard to tell...and w/ her being so small its even harder to tell...A vet might be able to give you a better estimate....

I would just keep an eye on her....if she seems to adjust I would say that it is possible to hold out until after x-mas to get her to a vet...But if you see anything funny...or the grooming gets worse...I.e. loosing hair youll need to get her to the vet ASAP.....

Good luck and all I wish you two the best...and hope that all goes well.....you and this sweet kit deserve it
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why not try contacting a local cat charity to see if they can sponsor a check up? explain that you are prepared to take the cat in.

they might agree as it would be cheaper for them in the long run for you to take the cat then for it to be handed over to them.
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That sounds like a good idea! Since I presume she's an older gal I hate the idea of turning her over to a shelter where she might not get adopted!
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Contact Siamese rescue- they can at least list her on their pages for you
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Glad you have taken her in. I just can not for the life of me understand people just moving and leaving there cats behind!
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