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New Meowmy pictures of Karma

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Here are some shots of my little girl Karma. She is a 2 year old stray we rescuded. She just stole our hearts.

Looking for a toy

Waiting for visitors

Watching TV with mom

Sitting on her skateboard

Wondering what a camera is

Giving some Tortitude

Sorry there are so many. I am just so happy to have her. She's my angle and I have to share.
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You are right she is absolutely beautiful.
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She is sweeeet!!!
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Good grief she's gorgeous!
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OH wow - she looks SO much like my Flossie!! She's gorgeous!
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i love her coloring and a skateboard how cute
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awww she is gorgeous

I can see how she stole your heart...what a lovely little girl!

Eva x
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She is such a doll
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She's gorgeous!
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She is so gorgeous! Love her little black pads on her paws!
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she looks a lot like my first cat, Medley. she's very pretty!
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She is BEAUTIFUL!! I love her to pieces just from her pictures.
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Awww! The watching tv pic needed a serious cuteness warning.

She totally outcuted Clover... but um... Don't tell him I said that, or I will have poo on my pillow tonight.
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Karma is a purr-fect name for your sweet little girl. She is a beauty. Congratulations.
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Karma is beautiful!! She looks just like a torti girl I rescued many years ago name Kitty. I had her for 10 wonderful years. I read some where that having a Torti in your household brings Good luck and fortune!!!!!!
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LOL - "tortitude"! That's priceless!
Your sweet Karma has very expressive, beautiful eyes!! She is gorgeous!!
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She's a real cutie !
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I just love it when they sit like that.

She's pretty. I like it when people post a lot of pictures.
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she is beautiful!!!
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I agree with everyone.
She is just so pretty.
Oh and Garfield wants Karma to teach him how to skateboard.
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