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I've just caught up with this update.

Come on Mittens, you've done it before so you can do it again
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Candie...sweet Mittens will be in my prayers that this vet will find a solution.
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Adding my prayers that the vet discovers the solutions to cure Mittens once & for all & for Mittens to be cured for good & able to put all this medical stuff behind him. And prayers for you too, Candie! You have been so loving & courageous - helping this wonderful cat through his troubles...what a wonderful Meowmmy!!
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Good to hear that this vet is willing to try some less invasive methods and work with you on this. to both of you.
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Sorry to hear Mittens has been under the weather. I'll be crossing my fingers that his treatment works so he doesn't have to have surgery. Baytril is a fairly new veternary antibiotic. It's broad spectrum so it covers a lot of different bugs. Jake took it for a while when he was so sick last year. It's kinda expensive, huh? Hugs and kisses to Mittens!
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we are all thinking of you darlin
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Maybe when the inflammation is under control he will feel better. Good vibes continuing to come.
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Thanks everyone...I'm picking him up after the museum today. I'll try to give you updates after I actually talk in person with the vet.
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I'm sorry to hear this about Mittens. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers, I hope you find something that helps him and makes him feel better soon.
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Oh gosh, I am SO sorry you and Mittens are going through so much! It is just as painful for us, to see our furbabies, going through something bad or painful... My thoughts are with you and Mittens and I am sending ALL positive thoughts your way. You are so kind and caring, to do all you are doing for Mittens! Bless you!
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Continuing to send good vibes to Mittens.
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just wondering how Mittens is doing?
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....Yes, I'm wondering too! I HOPE things are going better, for poor little Mittens.
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Sorry, I haven't written, things have been real hectic (personal stuff). When I picked up Mittens, I've never been so comfortable! He went into detail with everything and told me what our next steps would be if the medicine and new food didn't work. It was truly perfect! He even carried Mittens out to the car after it was all over!! I haven't been at home for more than an hour since I brought him home because of my crazy work schedule at the museum, but my mom called and said he is using his box and when he goes, he is peeing a lot at one time. He loves his food, and she believes it is working! She said she hasn't seen him so frisky in months! Looks like this is the answer--let's just hope! The urine culture comes back tomorrow and we'll know more. Thanks everyone!
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Oh Candie this is fantastic news . Let's hope this is the answer for Mittens - we'll all be keeping our fingers crossed that his results will be ok
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Such good news! Keeping everything crossed
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Candie...a vet who really cares can make a huge difference.
It sounds like you have found a winner.
This is very hopeful news.
Way to "go" Mittens.
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I'm really glad it was good news, hope all continues well.
Best wishes Anne
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Thanks! It amazes me how the food we feed our babies makes such a difference.
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Just looking in to see how you are both doing.
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That's terrific news, Candie! I'm so glad to hear that he's doing much better.
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Awwww Candie that's excellent news! Mittens you clever boy!
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Wonderful news!
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Hi Candie,
I hope Mittens continues to improve!!!
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Hope he is doing well.

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Mittens is doing about the same. We are still waiting on the Urine culture to come back. They did send a report to the vet yesterday and there was blood in the urine (which we already knew), but no white blood cells. We should get the final report on Tuesday (I hope!). This seems to feel like eternity waiting to see what happens. He loves his food and has been taking his medicine very well. Now...just have to wait and see what the results say and hopefully this will tell us what needs to be done (change meds or ??)....
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Hangin' in there with prayers and vibes, Candie for your sweetie -- and you.
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I keep checking this thread to see what progress Mittens is making. I'm glad to hear he loves his food. that Tuesday's report is good.
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Sending more good vibes to you and Mittens
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You and sweet Mittens are in my thoughts Candie.
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