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Litterbox Troubles

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Hi guys girls and Paws,

My kirby cat, has was very well litter trained when we got her, and now a year down the track has started peeing out the door of the litterbox......She just seems to go in and not even attempt to get in the box, just mosies on in and lifts her tail, peeing out the door of the litter box. We have tried numerous litterboxes, one with doors one without and one with no lid, still no effect. We have even tried two litterboxes, with no relief. ANyone got any ideas please we are now getting a little tired of cleaning up her wee from the floor, Cheers
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Is your kitty a bit on the bigger side?? Our cat is huge, and has a litterbox problem sometimes, but it's just cuz he's a big boy....

I think that close enough to the litter box is ok, and you should be able to make great progress with getting this kitty back INTO the litterbox. If it is a big problem..I would check out getting Feliway or Comfort zone in your house. Check it out on the internet, I invested in some, and have had NOTHING but GREAT things happen ever scince i got it...

Kipper(my bog ol boy) doesnt miss his litterbox anymore, and it's made him into a lover. It's a thing that mimics thier "friendly" hormones, and it makes them into such good kitties.
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some cats r very particular abt the cleanliness of their toilet n frequent 'maintenance' of their toilet is required. shud the litter hv ammonia smell, then it is time to change the litter.

shud the abv had failed to keep ur cat using the litter, perhaps u can change the litter to another type...
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