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What is on your desk right now?

Let's see...Sweetie, a bottle of water, an emty Snapple bottle, a little beanie-baby kitty, pens & pencils in a mug, post-it notes, pictures, tv remote, magazines....

Do you collect anything?

Kind of, I guess. Things that have to do with cats and/or teddy bears.

Describe your favorite outfit.

A black, teal & green skirt (about knee-length), with a teal semi-sweater kinda thing with sleeve that go a little past the elbows, warm knit stockings, black boots with fuzzy at the top and around the ankle. And a winter hat and a nice scarf...and a gold necklace & my special charm bracelet. No, it isn't for snow storms but more like the beginning of winter with the 3-inch snow and the 35-degree weather, not the -17 degree weather!!

Do you watch MythBusters?


Do you watch birds outside?

Yes, when I'm on the laptop by the window in the living room.

Do the kitties steal your seat all the time?

Yes. And I feel so bad if I make them get off, so I never do and I just sit somewhere else or on the arm of the chair and pet them. And sometimes when I'm on the laptop Sweetie comes and sits on my lap. I know that's not stealing my seat, but....She's so sweet.

What are they doing now?

Precious is on the couch down here, all snuggled up on a blanket, and Sweetie is on the desk pawing at the mouse when I move it .

How many flashlights do you own?

2, I guess.

How often do you have to go to the post office?

Almost never.

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone? (With Pen and Paper)

A few months ago.

Do you have TIVO?

No, I want it so badly.

What is the last movie you bought?

I really can't remember for the life of me.... I don't buy movies very often.

What reality shows do you watch?

Sometimes I watch survivor, that's all I can think of right now. Oh, yeah, American Idol, does that count? And the America's Next Top Model, but I don't really follow it, just catch it once in awhile when it's on.

What is on your walls in the livingroom?

Professional pictures, as in from the studio , of my dog, Sharie...umm...a cross-stitch thing I made of a teddy bear ballerina, some Christmas decorations, I think that's it.

How much does each cat weigh?

Sweetie: 10
Precious: 13 (She'd kill me if she knew I posted her weight!!! )

When was your last doctor's appointment?

I don't know, like a few months ago.

When did they last go to the vet?

September--checkup & deworming pills.

Do you go for walks around your neighborhood?

Yes, sometimes by myself and sometimes with Sharie (my doggy).

When you were a child did you paint by number?

All the time!

Did you know pink is the new black and that pink is very popular with men now?

Yes, weird isn't it?

Do you brush you cat's teeth? If not do you think they would let you?

I tried once.....and I actually came out alive!

Do you regularly read threads in "Fur Pictures Only!"?

Yup. I usually go straight to New Posts or a thread I've been following then explore the forums from there. I always end up in the Fur Pictures for a lot of the time.

Do you take lots of photos of the fuzzys?

A TON!!!!

How many bottles of nail polish do you own?

I rarely paint my nails, but I own probably about 20 bottles of nail polish.

Do you still color in coloring books?


Do you have a printer on your computer?

Yes, but it's been broken for over a year.

Do you have a PDA?

Say what????..............

Do you own a camcorder?

Yes, a HUGE HUGE HUGE one from the 80's...video tapes...weighs about 20 pounds and you have to mount it on your shoulder and it kills your back.

Do you watch Animal Planet? Do the cats?

Yes. Once in awhile they do, but more so when the were little kitties.

Do you know anyone who's ever been to jail or the brig?


Were you in any sports in High School?


What year did you graduate?


How many screwdrivers do you own?


How many screwdrivers do you drink?

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Great answers to all the questions... You graduated the year before me! I feel bad for making Kitters move too if she's sitting somewhere, so I stand there and say "Kitty, can I have my seat? Please? (whining) pleas can momma have her seat!!! (then whining to BF) Honey she won't give me my seat!!... (small tantrum) he says to move her, I say i can't then go somewhere else!! hehe
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