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Could he be jealous???

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Hey... I'm hoping someone can give me some advice!!!! My new boyfriend has recently been spending the weekends with me. The first 2 weekends Milo was very playful with him and laying all over his lap, but this weekend he started hissing and swating at him. When my boyfriend would walk into the room Milo would hide. He wasn't as social as he usually is.... I'm concerned about my lil' guy... If he is jealous, what can I do to make him feel more secure and not be so aggressive towards my boyfriend????? Any suggestions are extremely appreciated!!!!
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He can certainly be jealous.... he may also want to assert his dominance. He may even fear your boyfriend for some obscure reason. But keep in mind that cats are often intuitive, and well... it is your life, and your cat may be trying to tell you something.
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Tell your boyfriend that while he is in your home, he is in charge of all this cat's care. feeding, water, scooping the pans, all of it. When he works have him take off his shoes (his feet will carry his scent the strongest). Stay low to the ground when he is working around Milo and also don't stare Milo in the eyes (this is a threat to cats).
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Hissy always makes me laugh every time I see a post by him or her...

It's like reading exerts from a cat book. lol I dunno, but it's always VERY helpful stuff, and I'm always sitting here like "yea, that's exzactly what the smart thing to do would be"

Anyhow, Yes, your kitty sounds jealous. but that's ok I think, just have your man play with him more, and I agree with the feeding, and taking over care of your kitty, but if he is Anything like my boyfriend, none of that would ever happen. lol. He'd be like "are you crazy?" lol.

Good luck with all that.
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hmm... once a cat like somebody, usually he.she wud stay that way... had ur bf done anything to the cat recently?

hissy's suggestions r indeed good ones...
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I thought it was kind of weird also since Milo liked him in the begining... My boyfriend is not the type to hurt or tease an animal so I really do not think he did something to him. I'm going to take your suggestion and have him do the feeding and see if that works.. If I'm holding Milo and my boyfriend tries to pet him Milo is fine with it, but if I'm not holding him forget it!
Thanks everyone for the suggestions........
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I'm new to this site and this is exactly the kind of advice that I was looking for! I'm having the same problem with my cat; she was perfectly fine around my new boyfriend and then just started hissing at him. He's very good with cats and has spent time playing with her, so I'm mystified by her behavior. I'm curious to know how the suggestions worked out. (?)
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