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Holiday plans

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What are your plans for the holidays this year??
post #2 of 22 lots of chocolate, enjoy the snow, and avoid relatives!
Are you getting down to your family over Christmas?
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Originally Posted by pushylady lots of chocolate, enjoy the snow, and avoid relatives!
Are you getting down to your family over Christmas?
The chocolate part sounds really good to me..unfourtunatley no I'm going to have to spend Christmas here this year (I wasn't able to get the time off work). I will have Jeff here with me so that makes it easier.
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Christmas Eve we're going up (65 miles north) to spend it with my family. That's always been our big celebration day. Have Oyster Stew and whatever my sister makes for dinner - probably a turkey. Open presents and visit. Christmas Day will be our private Christmas. Open presents, watch A Christmas Story about 10 times, eat something yummy for Christmas Dinner, play a lot with the kitties with their new toys, and generally just relax.
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My sis will hopefully be flying in on 12/22-depending on the weather and mom/dad coming probably next da. On the 24th we have been going to a SIL house to open some gifts. Christmas just the 5 of us and the kitts. Shopping on 12/26. Sis flys back on 12/29. I suppose some tree hopping inbetween 12/27 and news yrs too.
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I'm staying home this holiday. I'm not really in a very ho ho ho mood this year... I did get myself a little tree today though. Its cute.
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Christmas Day is here. Maybe just Rob and me and the kitties -- possibly Rob Jr, possibly one or two others. For the first time in I don't know how long I will cook a turkey on Christmas Day.

The holidays will be pretty laid back, and the family gathering (Rob's family, since mine is all in the east) will be in early January -- due to the various movements of various people, it's what makes sense.
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We will be haveing christmas dinner on christmas evening.. a nice ham and sweet potatoes, and whateer else.. but those are the main things I remember. Mmmm. And lotsa pies, Pumpkin, Chocolate cream, two strawberry, deep dish apple pie, and another.. which I cannot remember
We wil be opening gift in the morning.. around 8-9am.. once mum has at least one coffee.
And that about it.
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plans for the holidays? I don't think we have any! We're just going to gather us all together and feast until we're fit to bust!! Then it's back home to pack for Thailand
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My sisters doing the entertaining this year, so it's a lazy day for me, in the taxi with the presents, glass in one hand on arrival, then feeding time

Then up to the highlands for new year on the 30th
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I`ll be doing my Christmas baking this weekend and next week...finish up my last minute shopping.
Christmas Eve we`ll be going to spend some time with Hubby`s Mom and later to friends for the rest of the evening.
On Christmas day we`ll be going for our annual homemade pizza dinner and gifts at our daughters, son-in-law and grandaughters home here in town.
My parenst are coming down to celebrate too. :-)
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I leave for home on the eve of the 22nd to go home and spend time with my family!

John and I will be doing Christmas together on the 21st, as we will not be spending Christmas together this year He has family things going on here, and I will be home from the 22nd til the 25th! At least we will spend Christmas Day together!!

I am so excited to go home for Christmas. Both my parents took the 23rd off of work so we can have a family day with them and my brothers, I can't wait!! On Christmas Eve, we all (my extended family-all 35 of us) will go to Church, and then come back to my Grandparents and open gifts from all the extended family. And then on Christmas morning, just me, my brothers & parents open gifts from Santa, and eachother

I am just SO excited to give my mom those pictures that me and my brothers got for her!!
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Don't have nay real plans. I don't have any family around here (in texas) so it will be just me and the kids (charlie has to be out of town AGAIN!!!). Our first christmas married and I won't get to see him till 2 days after!!!!!
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luckily all my relatives live in holand so me and my fam dont have to go to those awful parties
were doing secret santa tho (like every year) and i have to get my dad something
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We'll spend the morning of the 24th in the country at my mom's. Usually we've had my little sister at our place on Christmas Eve, but this year we'll be all by ourselves.

Celebrating Christmas is centered around the 24th here, so for Christmas Day we'll just hang out.
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i will be spending christmas here with my family is in oregon. and of course i will be with my baby kallie. we will also be with my fiances family.
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We are attempting to split the day between my parents and df's parents. Hopefully we can squeeze in something romantic too
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We will spend Christmas at my brother's house with my family. I think we will be having a non-traditional New England clam boil. I think a friend is coming over here on Christmas Eve day...not sure what we are doing that night yet.
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Well, given my unexpected situation, I'd say crawling under the covers and sleeping will be in order....probably not, we just go hang with the family and overeat!
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Father-in-law is coming this week to spend a few days in our cramped spare room. DH is taking a day off but I'll be at work. Next week my sis, brother-in-law, and two young nephews will be in town for a short visit but are staying at a hotel on account that we only have one spare room. After that, it's all us.... ahhhhh.

Christmas eve we will have my family's customary dinner, but just the two of us. We'll probably watch A Christmas Story and debate over whether we should open all our presents, but I won't give in.

Christmas morning, I'll get up and make DH a nice huge breakfast, after which we'll play santa like we're kids again. We usually buy 10 gifts a piece for each other, but I usually let the cat out of the bag and he knows what his best ones are before Santa comes anyway! This year is no different... I thought I could get away with the "don't look" thing and took him with me to pick up a nice air compressor I bought him. When the guys at sears had trouble getting it into the car, they went back inside & when they came out they yelled "you're the lady with the compressor, right?"... grrrr... DH was in the car with the window open. I did get him two other 'big' gifts that he doesn't know about for sure and I'm trying like mad to keep the secret. A nice watch he's wanted for two years and a wireless security webcam!

I'll make a big Christmas dinner just for the two of us, the leftovers from which will still be in the fridge this time next year. At first I thought Christmases with just the two of us were lonely, but now I look forward to it!
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Christmas Eve will be dinner with my family at either my Aunt's house or my cousin's house. I'm not sure who's having it this year. Then I have Christmas Eve Mass at 11 pm.
Christmas Day I have to least it's double time.

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Myboyfriiend Ben and I are going to Dubai. My mom will probably make a quasi christmas dinner for Ben's sake. We will probably have Turkey and some Arabic meze as side dishes.
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