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Kitty vs the computer

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Does anyone else have a cat who hates the computer? I've read several posts about how some cats sit on their owners' laps while they're on the computer, but Kitty won't have any of that. She'll jump up on my lap and jump right down if I'm on here. She'll follow me around the apartment, sit next to me at any other time, but if I'm on here, she pretty much stays away.
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Tosca doesn't come near me at the pc either.... except for when she's hungry.....
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This is really interesting to me. My girls stay on me or the laptop when I'm online.
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My two are always with me on the computer as well, especially Sophie where i have to type with one hand
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My cats bug me to death when I'm on the computer. It sits by the window where the bird feeders are. So they are in my lap on my shoulder and Sitting in the window.
Lily likes to try and chase the cursor on the moniter great fun. Then when shes done she gets across my shoulders and sleeps. Right now 3 are on the window sill right beside me and one in my lap. Watching the blue jays and cardinals eat the bread I just threw out for them. Plus two grey squirrels.
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Princess Alexis sleeps on top of the computer, only if she can beat Diddo to it. The boys ignore it completely.
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Suzy sleeps on Rob's printer, or squeezes behind him in his chair.

Cindy and Fawn are often in the family room with me, but only Cindy will actually get in my lap. When she does, she drapes herself lengthwise over my left arm, so it is appropriately positioned to give her continual belly scritches. I'm permitted to borrow my right hand (from head scritching duty) in order to type a few words, or move the cursor, but must remember to keep it to a minimum -- otherwise she gives me THE LOOK, and gets down. I'm educable. They are not really into occupying the computer itself.
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