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Let's see your puppies!

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I know this is a cat site, but there are people here who love dogs, too! I am one of them, so here are my girls. I've got a PB Chocolate Lab & a German Shorthaired Pointer mix(Lab & Coonhound in her, maybe?). They are know as little dog & big dog, or good dog(she won't do anything to get anyone mad) & bad dog(she likes to do things she knows she shouldn't), or Lick 'Em(she loves to give kisses) & Stick 'Em(she knows the command "kill" which we never taught her).
Little Dog(good dog, Lick 'Em)
The best picture of her ever!

Mid bark

A water lovng lab

Big Dog(bad dog, Stick 'Em)
Posing for the camera

Sleepy dog

Those are my two Angels!
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Very cute!!!
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I love this thread!!, such a good idea...I don't have any dogs but I love looking at these pictures..more please!!
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PB is adorable!!!
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Hissy - Too cute!!! Heheh, your cats missing a head!
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My favorite picture of Stumpy, sitting inside nice and warm and looking out the storm door at Spike. Spike absolutely loves snow - he dove into a snow drift the other day, laid down and did nothing but look around.

Stumpy with his favorite toy, Sam. If you haven't caught on, Stumpy absolutely loves dogs. When his favorite buddy Jethro crossed about 4 years ago, Stumpy went into a deep grief until we adopted Sam and Spike.

Our OTB Jethro - looks a LOT like Spike - simply a coincidence and there are times that Spike acts so much like Jethro that I call him Jethro.

And yes, Jethro's best friend was Ellie Mae (also OTB). Here she sits on her thrown as her papa sits on the floor and pets her. So named because we found her on the side of a road and she looked like something that Ellie Mae Clampett would bring home.

And one of my dogs favorite toys - me. They were smaller in this picture - now weight 150 pounds collectively and don't fit so well in my lap least not both at once.

And we do like medium to large dogs - can you tell?
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gorgeous dogs everyone!!

Here are my two
The smaller whiter one is Lady She is a Lab beagle mix
The other one is Booger he is a pit bull

They love being together..
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You have a dog called Booger??

I love it!!
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Zoie when she was a baby, this is a big pic I couldn't get it down

Zoie now

Dexter who we lost last year, he was 7 years old

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Yes.. I have a dog named booger..
He really is a booger though!
No, he was named that before I got him a few weeks ago.. I havent found another name that suits him.
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Its a great name!!!!
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Beautiful dogs everyone!!

Well I dont have a dog but when my mom and dad came here to Missouri to ecscape Hurricane Rita.. They took their 2 dogs. Gypsey, a 3 and a half pound Miniture Chihuaua. And Zu-Zu (Im sure you all remember him when I posted a thread about him getting stolen and we found him 2 weeks later).
Well he is a Pitt Bull. But the kindest of all!! He actually plays (gently) with Gypsey!!!

Gypsey after her bath

And my big man Zu-Zu (Can yall tell I fell in love with him)??

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This is Apollo, my 4 1/2 yr old Bouvier des Flandres mix. =) he is my baby.. I don't know what I would do without him.. my 85lb lap dog

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I love the dog pics!!!!!!!! I just took some hilarious pics of the doggers over the weekend playing in the snow. I will post them as soon as I can ( probably tommorow) keep the pictures coming guys!
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Here are some thumbnails of my Shiba Inu puppy, Maxine. She's now just over 4 mths old.

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lol I was all excited over flaunting my babies, copying, pasting, & editing, & I FORGOT to tell you their *real* names(OK, so I edited it out on accident )! Not that we ever actually call them by their real names, but they really do have real names(now, say that 5 times fast ). The choc. lab is my Coco. The GSP is my Macey.
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Originally Posted by ErinandSeamus
Here are some thumbnails of my Shiba Inu puppy, Maxine. She's now just over 4 mths old.

Shibas are adorable! I always thought they look like litle bears.
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Here are some pictures of my Labrador Retriever-Clyde. he is 6 1/2 years old

Doing what he loves best-Swimming and sleeping

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Amy that photo of Sam in the snow is priceless!! There must be some kind of competition you can enter that in!!

Here are some recent pics of my babies.

Sweet Ruby

Little Man Chester

Awwww too cute!

They are Standard Labradoodles, Ruby is 7.5 months and Chester is nearly 5 months
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Sitting pretty, begging for treats!

Acting like fools, jumping on the couches!


Hope you all enjoyed!
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Awww, pups!! Yay!!! They are all so cute!!

This was Gus, the Wonder Dog, my family's yellow lab. He was about 19 in this picture.
We adopted him when I was about 10 and he was 3. He died earlier this year.
He loved cats. Two of my dad's calicos took to suckling on Gus's elbows after they were weaned, and kept doing it until he died. He treated them like little puppies. He'd snuggle up with them and they'd just purr and purr.
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I dont have any pictures on file of my dog at my moms house, But I have this picture of the puppy we are trying to get for my dad for christmas!!

I hope we can get him, the last puppy we tried to get was adopted 2 hours before our application went through.

But now we want Cooper, He's gonna be My Dads, but I wanna take full credit for finding him.

Here he is.....Pray I get him for my Dad!!
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