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Dirty Nose...

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Fraggle seems to have constant gunk jammed in and around her little nose. I've no idea what it is or where she's picking it up, but she breathes funny because it gets so packed. I faithfully pick her nose every day to every other day depending on just how bad it is, but the poor little thing hates it!

Any ideas what it is or how to keep it cleaner?
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It could be the litter you're using. My mama gets the same thing and I too have to pick her nose all the time. What kind of litter do you use?
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It's Members Mark brand from Sam's Club, a sand-like, clumping litter. The stuff in her nose never resembles the litter though. It's usually black and almost like matted hair and dirt.
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Hmm well this is just a guess but maybe the litter gets stuck in her nose and then as she's going around the house it accumulates hair and dirt because it's sticky? How long have you been using the litter you're currently using?
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We've been using it for about a year and a half. They're a little over two years old now. We used to use Tidy Cat Multi-cat forumula, but it wasn't a clumping litter.

I wonder if it could be the dust from the clumping litter, as it does seem to be really dusty...
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My Wiggies gets this a lot too. The vet said that as long as he's not sneezing or has runny eyes, then he's probably just a little allergic to something, including litter. I try to cut down on the dustiness of the litter by mixing 3 different kinds (clay clumping with corn and wheat clumping) this really seems to make a big difference compared with just clay clumping.
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If you determine it is the litter, then I would recommend this "pine" litter. It's dust-free and pleasent smelling....................well, up to a point .

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