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I got the kits some catnip re-fill packets for one of their toys. They didn't care about the fresh nip in the toy, but they LOVED the packet I gave them to roll around on the floor. Miss Kitty was just rubbing on it and being good.
But then Zoe got hold of it....

Ripped it open....

Got nip all over the floor....

Rolled around in it....

And ate it. (I sprinkled what didn't spill on the floor onto one of the scratching posts.)

There is no catnip left on the floor. Zoe ate it all. She was higher than a giraffe's butt!!

Miss Kitty tried to eat the Cat Dancer. hehe
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Well looks like they fun!
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Good times!!!
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That is just too funny!! Maybe we should have a "humour overload" on really funny threads!
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Awwww don't you just love to see them having fun with the catnip
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Tosca managed to Kill her catnip toy within 5 minutes of getting it.... I had to take it away because there was stuffing in the toy as well as catnip - didn't say that on the packet though which really annoyed me.
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Awww...looks like they were certainly enjoying that HIGH!
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your tabby looks just like hadley except hadley has a white spot on his throt so sometimes i call him father hadley hehehe great pics
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