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Oh No.I lost our kitten.............

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I looked everywhere in the house, all the usual places he could be, every room, even the washer! i was about to panick when heard a meow from the living room, and then found him in between a white blanket hanging on the radiator!!!
Honestly my heart missed a beat when i couldnt find him...

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Oh thank goodness you found him. Your thread title scared me! What a little stinker
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So glad you found him .. and welcome to bengal kittenhood
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I`m thankful you found him too....i thought by your title that it meant he died...oh my gosh...don`t ever scare us like that again!
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Oh no!!, I'm so glad you found him..I feared the worst when I read the title of the thread!
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Life with a Bengal is never boring....or quiet for that matter. If my Zeke isn't screaming his head off, he is knocking things off counters and tables to make noise..... Gotta love him
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That brings back memories. Right after we got Jamie, he "vanished" in our living room. We literally tore the house apart, turned furniture upside down, emptied waste paper baskets, etc.. After over an hour of searching and calling, he emerged from the space between the radiator and wall! I promptly stuffed towels behind all the radiators in the house (it was summer, so the heat was off).
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Yeah, glad you found him, and YEAH it scared me too! I "lost" two of our kittens once too..we searched everywhere and they were both fast asleep on the heater vent behind the couch, which was only about 3 inches wide. They were tiny and we were so scared!
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what a toerag!! You must have been so worried! He IS adorable though - you can't stay mad at a face like that!
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when you can't find a cat look in the warmest most comfortable place.
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What a little stinker!
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My Panther does that! He just disappears! Scares me half to death. FINALLY I found 2 ways of (usually!) finding him. ONE I open the door to the closet that has his dA BIRD in it and second I swing Da Bird hitting it on one side of me and then on the other. SUDDENLY magically he appears and gets hugged and kissed and purrs up a storm!
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