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Originally Posted by jcat
Yes, in two cases. A friend of my mom's had a cat who was born the same day as her son, so they always knew her exact age, and she died at 27. A friend of mine has a cat who was born in late 1979/early 1980 (she got him when he was roughly 6 months old), and he's doing well, though his hearing and eyesight are going, and he's a bit scrawny-looking now, though a lot of that is lost muscle tone.
There are probably several reasons, but I think better nutrition (quality commercial diets) and advances in veterinary science have played a very big role. I now live in Germany. East Germany (the German Democratic Republic) didn't have commercial pet food. Within a decade of reunification, cats' life spans had doubled in eastern Germany, and dogs were living on average about 6 years longer. (That's why I'm skeptical about home-cooked or raw diets, although I always cooked the dogs' food myself, and they all lived well past 10 or 11, despite being large breeds).
Wow 27!!! What kind of food does the cat eat?
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The eldest cat i had was 16 when she died.
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My mom's cat was 16 when she passed. Oscar is only 4 still but I hope he lives that long!
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None of the above. Petoskey is our oldest cat and he's 5.
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My angel childhood kitty, Christy, would have soon turned 15.

Sierra and Serenity are both going to out live me!
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My oldest cat was Sphinx. He was thought to be hovering around 18-19 years old when we had to put to sleep last year because of cancer. I still miss him.

The oldest one now is Kuce and she's around 12 years. My mother had one cat that lived to be 18 years old.
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Although the oldest cat in my family was 19, my first cat that was more or less "mine", Rusty died at the age of 11. THis was pretty good considering he had feline aids his whole life and I didnt know about it until several months before he died. (they didnt test for this back then.) It was heartbreaking to lose him because he was like a dog, he followed me around constantly and slept with me every night. He was a great cat. It was really hard on me because he died in my first year of law school and I couldnt take him with me, he was at my parents house in upstate NY and he died (put to sleep) before I could get home to say goodbye. I got my current two in my second year of lawschool where I just started blantanly violating my lease. Luckily I have moved into an apartment that allows cats and my landlord likes cats (he was trying to give me another one but I dont have room)
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Snickers is 14. He has had a share of problems this year (urine crystals, a mouth infection) and he has developed arthritis. My baby sleeps on a heating pad now and I think it's helping! He still runs around & plays, is still bright-eyed and comical... but he has trouble coming down steps and sleeps more than the other cats do.

My other cats are 13, 12, 12, 6 and 3.
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Ginger is my oldest at 14 - his blood tests recently showed that he was perfectly healthy for his age, just a bit overweight. he has been the healthiest out of all my cats - he has only had to have 3 dentals and a fatty lump removed. I have had a couple of 14 year old females too. My neighbour had a cat that she thinks was about 19 when he went to the bridge, and I know a few people with cats that are 20 too. I think that better vetinary care and better food are really big factors.
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My oldest Precious would have been 13 this year
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My oldest is Mik, and he is 6.5 years. One of my close friends has a cat, Gizmo, who is almost 16 years old.
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