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cats in christmas trees

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who would have thought?
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Oh gosh Hissy.....that was so cute i could hardly stand it!
However did you happen upon this site???
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wonderful!! Cuteness overload on that one - it should come with a warning!
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aww, I thought that was really cute!
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lmao thank Hissy
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Oh, that was wonderful!!
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Great fun. Dushka watched it with me - I wonder if she feels deprived!
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Oh good grief i could see mine being like that with my two
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I loved it. I wonder how those cats climbed the tree without the tree falling over.
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Thanks Hissy I really did enjoy that!
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Thanks MA! That made my day!
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That was so cute and funny! Definitely worth checking out.
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Thank you for posting that MA. I remember seeing it last year, but I forgot to bookmark it!

Too funny!
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That was really cute. I tried to get Kitty to look at it, but she just isn't into the computer.

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That's an adorable site! I've sent the link to all the "cat people" I know!
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oh, hissy, that is the msot adorable thing!
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