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The Daily Thread for Sunday Dec. 11

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Frozen boxers anyone? I did a load of laundry last night before going to bed, washer and dryer is on the back porch. The wash is completely frozen I had to chip it out of the tub! I have it in the dryer right now and it sounds like a load of bricks....ker clunk...ker clunk...

It's warming up though, a whole 28 degrees and its time for me to go out and muck out the stalls and get the cats fed. This winter is so cold that the cats are refusing to go into the enclosure. Project for today is mike is going to make a litter pan platform in the hall closet. There is space behind where the shower is that would be great for litter pans. We bought a small picket fence that the cats can slide through easily but the dog can't to block her way. It should look pretty cool when we are done, and save me going upstairs as well (no heat up there at the moment).
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My mind is imagining Mike in frozen boxers.
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hehehe I used to have that problem back in the uk - here we have a drying room in the basement, so everything dries indoors. I'd hang out my washing on the whirly-gig and bring it back in so stiff that instead of going into my basket, I had to pile it all up on top of it!! There is would stand up (all by itself) in my kitchen until it thawed!! Baby and toddler clothes are the funnies when they're frozen!
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It's a very chilly day here today as well 1F..I'm going to try and stay inside and watch a movie
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Is anyone warm today? I just talked to a friend in colorado, it has been snowing where she lives for three straight days!

I just got back from the barn. Digging frozen manure is better than a personal trainer workout-
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Not warm here, though it is a bit warmer than it has been.
We finally get the new heater put in on Wednesday...I can't wait to be warm again!!

I remember waaaaay back when I was like around 5 or 6 yrs old it used to get bitterly cold and my mom would still hang the laundry outside, when the jeans were brought in they were stiff as boards!! They could not be bent until they thawed out for awhile!
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Monday here. Great.
Went to the sports store where my brothers girlfriend works and bought a pair of rollerblades for 50% off. I need to get exercise badly and I used to blade before I moved to the states and theres plenty of places to do it here in Christchurch.
Went to the fish and chip shop but its closed on mondays. So I will have to deal with cheese on toast for lunch, but am making a salad for my dinner to bring to work tonight. Its going to be crazy tonight, what with the christmas mailing. Oh dear.
Only 3 more days til hubby comes to NZ for a 3 week stint and he will be in NZ for good in May. I cannot wait! I am missing him something terrible!
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I'm warm!!!!

Thats the benefit of it being summer here!!!
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it was okay here today not 0 degrees but didnt have to wear a jumper under my coat, apparently our winter is going to be horrible
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It's not too bad here tempurature wise, 6C (42F), but it's been raining all day. We had a snow storm Friday night and now the rain is washing the snow away!

Spent the morning doing laundry and playing on the computer. This afternoon we finally put our Christmas decorations up!
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We're pretty warm here in Denver. High was around 50 F. Right now all you in OZ and Kiwiland can laugh at us freezing our bums off!

We went and checked out Tuesday Morning today. Man, I should have done that a long time ago!! My dad and his fiance asked for short stemmed wine glasses for Christmas, and we had gotten them a 16 piece set at Kohls for $20. NOW we're going to try to return those wine glasses and get them a NICE set for the same $20 that would usually sell for close to $100 of either Italian or Bavarian crystal. We think that would be more their class anyway. And still within our budget!
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It's around 32 degrees here right now.

We put the bird feeders up outside today, so Abby was entertained all day!

I finished writing out Christmas cards, packed up some gifts to take to the Post Office tomorrow, and got the tree up with lights and ribbon on it.

Did a little laundry too!

It was an overall productive day!
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We were in the mid-60s and overcast all day. Stuck close to home, except for a quick post office and store run.

For some strange reason, the dogs let me sleep until 8:30, this morning. I think that Pearl REALLY likes her new blanket.
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We were in the mid to high 60's and sunny all day. We stayed home and did nothing but explore TCS and watch the snake in his cage. Now its nap time on the couch. It was the purrrfect Sunday.
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Sounds like most people had a relaxing Sunday.
We had a little snow here and I dragged my husband out skiing, which was really fun. Now I'm having a Kahlua coffee to warm up!
kiwidues -
Went to the fish and chip shop but its closed on mondays
I feel your pain, I really do!
Hey I wonder if you'll be handling the pressies I sent home this Christmas? Give them a specially careful boot in the right direction!
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We've had a chilly day here. Warm compared to some places though. Our high was 44, it's 35 now. I'm still in my jammies from last night too! (Aren't you glad you can't see me! ) We've been watching movies all day and ordered pizza and wings for dinner.

This thread has me thinking though...what is the point of hanging laundry out to dry when it's just going to freeze? So you wash it, freeze it, and then thaw/dry it again?
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Originally Posted by pushylady
Hey I wonder if you'll be handling the pressies I sent home this Christmas? Give them a specially careful boot in the right direction!
Nope, I only deal with outgoing packages not incoming, unless its a RTS. Bugger.
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It was about 34 today, really not too bad. Warmer than it has been and no wind so really not bad at all, for me anyway. I love 30's-40's as long as it's not windy. We still have plenty of snow on the ground and I don't think it's going anywhere soon.

I had a very busy day! I put my new curtains up, did laundry, vacuumed, had lots of dishes to do, had to run out and exchange something, changed my bedroom around and in between everything ate some leftover pizza from last night. I'm just finally relaxing now.
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I took two cats to Alabama to the new house on Friday. A feral female that I had spayed last year, that was living here at the house and one of her offspring, also neutered. I had to catch her in the trap and then take her to the vet and they gave her anesthesia to get her vaccinated for the year and I took her on over and put them in the enclosure over there, they are adjusting well. We drove back from Alabama today. 6 hours, ugh. Only a few more trips and we will be over there for good. Its been a hectic day, or weekend I guess you would say.
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40F here today - most of the snow is melted and roads are full of slush.

Made most of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner today - turkey, bread stuffing, beans, mashed potatoes and gravy. The best part was the homemade cheesecake.

Had a bunch of e-bay auctions end today and I made over $100 on mostly Christmas ornaments, books and baskets. Since I don't put up a tree anymore, I got tired of storing them in a house with limited closet space.

And got all the Christmas cards addressed, signed, stamped and ready to mail in the morning.

And I was going to relax today......
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It was hot today, the temperature was in the mid 80's. Today I went shopping, I bought my sister some Martini glasses for Christmas. After that I went to Petsmart, and I bought some toys for my kitties. While I was there I was playing with the cats, and I donate $10 dollars. I fell in love with a gray and white fluffy kitty, she was new. The lady told me that they found her at a gas station a couple of days ago, I wanted to bring her home, but I knew I couldn't. I hope she find a great home with a loving family.

I bought some food afterward, and came home just in time to watch my Dolphins beat the Chargers. We were 2 touchdowns underdog and we beat them. This town is excited about football again. I'm really happy that they won, my day was good. It's going to be chilly tonight though, we are dropping to the upper 50's. That's cold for us South Floridians.
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