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I feel mean today

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It is 22 degrees outside and of course the ground is frozen. I have confined the horses to their stall and turnaround which is sandy and level and soft. The reason being that the ground is so uneven and Racer is having a hard time walking. I don't want him to become sore anymore so he and Trav get confinement. But he is letting me know he is not pleased. I can hear him whinnying from here. It is for his own good, but he doesn't know this.
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Awwww, Im sorry your having such a "loud" day Hissy.

And I guess animals are like kids... they NEVER know its for their own good.

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I hate that feeling. At least when things clear up, you will both feel better.
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I can just imagine his sides quivering and his nostrals flaring as he is calling out to you Hissy! I`ll bet that does make you feel like you are being mean...even though you are not. (You`d think they know that about you by now, would`nt ya?)
Pet those soft muzzles for me....I don`t have horses, but I do love them! (EVERYTHING about them too. Even ALL their smells, from the general smell to a sweaty one...their hay and grain... and even their poop smells good to me....yes, i know...i`m a bit wierd!)
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They can be sure to let you know when they're happy and when they're not eh? My best friend's horse Haven was really mad at her when she had to confine her after an operation on one of her legs (don't as me what it was about though, I never understood any of it!) But Haven would stomp up and down in her stall and whinny like a two year old having a tantrum! Haven is a realy character, and she loves to do the jumping shows and whatnot, so not being able to get out and do what she wanted, she got revenge when Vicky could finally let her out agian, by promptly throwing Vicky off. And then she stood over her while Vicky was sat on her bum in a mud puddle and put her nose in Vicky's belly, and pushed her down flat! Vicky was totally black all down the back of her body - probably like something you'd see in a cartoon - and you could just SEE the smug look on Haven's face! It was really nice to see them play with eachother though - they had a mud fight - or rather it was more like stomping in the puddle to see who could make the biggest splash!! But I think they had fun Needless to say, I kept my distance
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Aw bummer. You know it's for the best though.
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The joys of being a Critter Mum! Sorry they're doing a guilt trip on you MA -- they are good at that, aren't they!
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Hugs Hissy, better he fusses at you and you feel mean than you give in, let him out and he gets stiff and sore or maybe even falls! He will forgive you, maybe you could "butter" him up later on with a carrot or two? ;-)
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Or better still, a sugar lump - I know it's really bad for them, but ONE isn't going to hurt
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