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We had to put down a family member of 13 yrs

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We Had A Cat Named Benji, I Grew Up With Him! He Was There When I Got Home From The Hosp. And Has Always Been There! But 13yrs Later He Was Acting Wierd So We Took Him To A Vet And They Said He Was Fine! But About A Couple Months Later He Got Worse, He Was Barly Eating And Hanging By The House A lot And One Day We Gave Him A Can And He Did Not Touch It! So I Told My Dad We Had To Take Him To The Vet Today! So We Took Him (to a different vet then before) And It Was The Last Time He Went To The Vet. The Doctor Checked Him Out And It Turned Out He Had A Tumor That Was Canceress! The Doctor Said It Was So Bad That We Would Probably Find Him Dead In The Morning. I Broke Out In Tears As I Said My Finaly Good-Byes. He Passed Away Exactly 1 Week Before My 13th B-Day! So On My Birthday It Was One Whole Week He Was Gone. My
Preicous Baby Was Gone. But Will Not Be Forgoten. 4/19/92 - 5/19/05

Sry that it was a long time go but I thought you all would like to know.. and I'll find more pics to post of him.
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I'm very sorry for your loss. What a loving tribute to Benji.
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Thank you... I love him very much! BTW he's a pure breed Siamese. He was like the Godfather of our neighborhood! lol!
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I`m so sorry that you lost your little Benji.....and i can understand why you would still miss him even though it has been several months since his passing. The love we have in our hearts really does`nt know the bonudries of time, does it?
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Oh I'm so very sorry about Benji, it's so very hard to loose one. My Thoughts and Prayers are with you in this tough time, RIP Sweet Benji
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I'm so sorry to hear abour your Benji. He was a lovely Siamese cat.
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Sarah, I am sorry for the loss of your beloved Benji. He certainly was a beautiful cat. And how difficult to have him your entire life, then to lose him just before your birthday!

Thank you for sharing about your special kitty. He is at peace now, and I'm sure has a neighborhood in heaven, over the Rainbow Bridge, where he is keeping the other kitties in line! Rest in peace, Benji!
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Thank you so much guys... Why does it take soon long to stop crying some nights? It's just so hard.. in my room on my mirror i have pics of him from a baby to now on it.. and a RIP Benji thing on it. Its really nice. I see him all the time on.. and like sometimes I look outside and I see him and say "LOOK ITS BENJI!" I do that like at least once a week. :cry: its just so hard
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so sorry to hear about Benji. It is like losing a family member. It hurts so bad. But time will heal that, and soon there will be more smiles than tears when you think about Benji.
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I'm so very sorry

RIP Benji play happily over the bridge
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Aw sweetie I'm so very sorry - I know it's hard, but I don't like to morun for a loss. I like to celebrate that a cat was so very happy and had a wonderful and full life time with you. I think Beji was very lucky to have someone to love him as much as you all did. God bless you all and may Benji chase butterflies on the other side
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Aww Benji, you are a sweet kitty, and you were loved VERY much! RIP sweetheart.
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Thank You guys.. Guy what I did yesterday? My dad said someone wants to come inside and I meant to say Figero but I said Benji.
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Look what I made.. I needed something Christmas'y and I want Benji so lol! I love it! Its on our desktop!
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Benji was beautiful! I am so sad for your loss. ***hugs***
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I am so sorry

RIP Benji - fly with the angels little one

awwww what a lovely picture you made... no doubt Benji is watching over you right now
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Aww... thanks guys! When I posted this on another site like only 5 people posted. Thank you so much!
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Benji, he was a very beautiful boy. Rest in peace sweet Benji.
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Aww-such a sweet looking baby. You must miss him terribly, very sorry for your loss.
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I do miss him so very much! Last night I cried looking at pics of him... I miss him so!
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Condolences on your sad loss of Benji. He was such a beautiful cat - your home must feel so empty with him gone. I really like your desktop photo of him, was he a chocolate point? this is a rough age for you to lose such a dear soulmate - when I was 15 my 9 year old horse died of colic, and it was very difficult to put up with school, teen friends with their own problems, and then to lose my horse Fortunately, I had my cats and dog to help me through the dark days. Maybe you could start a journal about how you feel, day by day - you could use it in the future when you are needed to help someone else who has lost a pet. Please keep us updated on how you are doing, okay? Hugs, Susan
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I'm very sorry for the loss of your Benji! I recently also lost a cat. His name was Chase and he was only 6 months old. I've also taken the loss very hard but I'm so glad you found this site because everyone on here is very nice and has such kind words to say to you in your weakest times. Hang in there!
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I am sorry to hear about your cat Benji. On December 12, 2005 our cat of 13 years just up and died, no health problems (see "13 year old cat died any ideas?" in the health forum) My daughter had that cat since she was around 5 years old and would definitely understand your pain. Its amazing how these little animals bring so much joy into our lives yet so much sorrow in the end. We have three more cats, a horse, two fish and two mice, so it sounds like your home is a lot like ours. I truly believe that all our loving pets wait for us on the other side in heaven, we will see them again, they are always with us in spirit.

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Thank you Guys. and I think he was a chocolate point? He is a Pure Breed Siamese. I'm home schooled but I did not do school work for a week because I cried everyday! and cried myself to sleep. And Iluvmy2cats sry to hear you recently lost a beloved family memeber if you need to talk I'm here! I love this site too everyone is so very nice! and Mishelley911 sry to hear you lost a beloved family member just to days ago. and if you too need to talk I'm here! I'm sure all our babies are in heaven playing and having a blast! Today I watched Montel with my mom and they had a phycic *sp?* and she just came up with a book called "Animals On The Other Side" and I requsted the library to send it to me.. heres the link for the book at walmart I really can't wait to read it!
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So sorry about Benji...
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Thank you so much!
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