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should I be worried?

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I know I've written about Festra on the herpes virus thread but I'm hoping more people might read this under a new thread and it may not be connected with the virus.
I bought a 4 year old Persian from a private home just over 5 weeks ago. Over the last week I have noticed a pattern developing - she is extremely playful and active, very affectionate and eats well for one or two days and then has about a day or half a day when she eats nothing, is sick (but only a bit of liquid) is lethargic and listless, doesn't want attention too much (although she will purr) she basically sleeps or just sits around doing nothing but not sleeping. She's like a different cat and just doesn't seem happy. Yesterday she went to the vets to get her jabs as we didn't have any documentation from previous owner and mentioned she was being sick sometimes and not eating but he didn't seem to think it was anything to worry about.
This morning she was out playing and climbing trees and then I went out and since I got back, she has barely moved. She hasn't eaten anything for about 24 hours. Does anybody have simialr experiences or think I should be worried about this or is she still settling in to her new home. Any advice is much appreciated as I hate seeing her being so listless when she is normally so playful. Sorry for long post.
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If she is an indoor/outdoor kitty, it sounds like she may be getting into something that's upsetting her stomach. Remember it's winter and there is anti-freeze, salt, etc. out there. Did the vet do blood work? You might want to get another opinion. Not that your vet is not good. But it would give you peace of mind.

And don't worry about the long post. That's what we're here for!

Welcome and keep us posted.
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hi donna
typically, about 10 minutes after i posted the message, festra was up and about and very perky. today she's eaten as normal and been wanting to play all day. i go out with her whenever she goes out and can't think of anything that might be upsetting her. at least she wasn't sick yesterday - just not eating. the vet hasn't done any blood work - although he does describe her as "a cat with multiple problems" which is nice to know. she came to us and , the vet thinks, the stress of moving meant she was exhibiting signs of cat flu. also has persistently runny eyes but hardly sneezes now. i bnought some scales so i cna at least see if the sporadic non-eating means she is losing weight. otherwise i'll just monitor the situation until we go back to vets in 3 weeks.
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festra has just been sick again - so she's being sick every 2-3 days but there is never any food in it. is that significant or does that point to anything in particular? I am wondering about some sort of digestive problem? her stools are fine but today she's not eating again.
she's jsut come in from outside. i was with her and didn't see her eat anything but she was sniffing around our car - but didn't seem to be licking at anything.
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