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Can't remember if I posted this, but tom decided to show me he was having probs again by weeing up my curtains!! After a week of trying to get a urine sample out of him (he even jumped on the sofa one day to use the normal litter tray rather than the one with special litter!!), I booked him in for the day, but it was a week before they had no dogs in. He eventually obliged for the vet, and he does have signs of cystitis. The vet is now wondering if it is more stress related (due to being in a multi cat household) than weight related (despite telling me more than once that black and white, overweight, neutered males are the ones most prone to cystitis). It isn't the first time he has had it, but he was on a purely dry food diet this time (Hills c/d admittedly, but I don't like the ingredients in it). She thinks he should be rehomed before he loses his weight (he is currently weighing in at 8.4kg) but neither the rescue nor me want to rehome him before he loses the weight (in case whoever takes him gives up trying to get him to lose weight). Anybody got any thoughts on this? He is due to be weighed again on the 22nd, I know the vet nurse originally advised against rehoming before he loses some weight, am going to ask her what weight she would like to see him at before he gets rehomed.