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What is wrong with my cat??

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Hi everyone, can anyone help us?

My cat is a rescue cat so I am unsure of her age but we estimate about 16. Over the last month she has gradually withdrawn and seems kind of depressed. She has always been very sociable and very much a bed sleeping lap cat who loves her food. But now she is hiding away in the spare room and doesn't seem to want us anywhere near her. Over the past four or five days she has stopped asking for food and will only eat when it is taken to her and even then only a small amount.

I took her to the vets (twice) who couldn't find anthing physically wrong with her but prescribed anti biotic tablets. We have not had much sucess in giving her these in any way other than food but now she won't eat that is out too! I am also reluctant to force tablets down her when she is already unhappy as the vet could not find anything actually wrong with her.

The only other symptom is that she is occassionally making a loud noise, similar to purring but more throaty. I mentionned this to the vet but he didn't know what I was talking about!

I will call the vet again tomorrow but I am very worried about her and the fact that she may be in pain... Does anyone have any idea? Is she just old or could it be that she is ill somehow?

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I would get her to another vet fast. She is obviously very sick and needs a full examination and tests.
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Did the vet run blood tests? If not, I would ask for a full blood test including thyroid to be done, it shows more than an examination.
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I agree she needs to promptly be examined by another Vet!
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I'd take her to another vet - fast as if it's the same illness my cat had over the last couple of weeks, the speed you get proper treatment is essential. My elderly cat Lucy has been very ill (see my posts about her). There is a virus/germ going around cats just now which is even affecting indoor-only cats as it's an air-borne virus/germ - my Lucy due to the fact that she is disabled is an indoor cat only. It is a virus/germ similar to cat flu, but doesn't raise the temperature of the cat - Lucy's temperature stayed normal throughout. It is what, in human terms would be "A right, stinking cold" and starts similar to how you are describing your cat.

My Lucy had to be hospitalised last week as she completely stopped eating and drinking and was really ill. We were so worried about her as she is about 16 years old. Thankfully, we've got a fantastic vet who pulled out all the stops for her and she is home now and improving day by day - and got her appetite back with a vengeance.

If it is similar to what Lucy had, then you need to get this treated right away. If you have to give pills, get a "pill popper". We got a really good one from our vet. Only cost us £1. (they're about £2.99 in the pet shops).

What you do is get someone hold your cat firmly but gently. Grab the scruff of her neck and pull her head back - she should open her mouth. Put the pill popper in the side of her mouth (not the front) and fire the pill at the back of her mouth and have a syringe with a little water (about 0.5ml is fine) and squirt that in immediately after. She will swallow the water and the pill. It's a two second operation because you have to be fast. You'll get a syringe from your vet if you ask for one. If you're not sure how to do it, ask your vet to show you.
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Get a new vet
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I would ask the vet to run a senior panel on the cat so you have a baseline to go by. She does indeed sound ill, and it is quite possible that the antibiotic will help. The problem with the description of squirting water into a cat's mouth is it can cause problems in that the water could go down the wrong way and end up in the lungs. If you have something like cream cheese, or spray cheese in a can, you can wrap the pill up in this foodstuff and usually the cat will eat it. Antibiotics can also be given in liquid form *generally is* and is easier to give to the cat.

Once a cat starts getting into the double digits, problems can occur and organs can just begin to break down. I would find another vet, one that doesn't guess what is wrong, but tries to find out.
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