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Meet Molly my new foster

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I have wanted to foster this cat since I started fostering for the rescue back in April, as she is 13 and I like them to have a home environment. However, she was too unpredictable to be put in a carrier, and for various reasons since it hasn't been an option. The other week I was talking to the rescue and she said that Molly wasn't eating a lot, sleeping loads and barely moving out of the pens, so she didn't think she had long left. I thought about this overnight (I didn't want to go back up to 6 and the 5 I have are just sorting themselves out) and then offered to take her on so she had a home for whatever time she had left. They said no as they didn't want to move her, which I accepted. 2 days later, I was helping out at a coffee morning and went to take pics of the cats after (I do a rehoming page for them) and she climbed up on my knee and settled. The lady said that is all she wants, and I told her again I would take her, so she changed her mind!! She is such a lovely cat, but decided she didn't want to be separated (and as she has been at the rescue for so long and is fine with other cats, so I let her come out) -she found the bed, and the sofa, and is even happier and wont go back in her room!! The only prob is she barely eats, I am trying loads of food at the mo to find something she will eat. Her favs so far are Hills a/d and complimentary HiLife. At least she is being fed on her own and has someone who will try lots of things to tempt her!!

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You are dong such a wonderful thing for the little one. How about trying kitten food - much higher in calories - or meat baby food and heating it in the microwave for a few seconds for the aroma to come out more.
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What a beautiful little lady!
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Might try kitten food. Have tried baby food on a previous cat - it is hard to find just a meat one in the UK, and when I told the vet she advised against it. Have never had much luck heating food in the microwave either!! She has eaten a fair bit of a/d and complimentary Hilife plus a few biccies so far today, so am feeling quite good about her - her fur has been very soft and shiny since she arrived a week ago. Will try and post some more pics later.
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Oh what a pretty black kitty!
You probably ought to pick up those rubber bands though, and put them away .....they can be dangerous or even deadly if swallowed by your kitty.
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You confused me then!! They aren't rubber bands, they are actually hard plastic shower curtain rings (I linked them as i was taking them off, threw them on the floor to get down, and one of the cats dived on them before I got chance to pick them up, so they are a new toy!!). I do have a couple of better pics, just need to download and resize. She really has made herself at home, and isn't that fazed if one of the other cats hisses at her!!If you actually looked at her you would just put her down as a small kitty, and she doesn't actually feel as bony as she did last weekend, maybe she is slowly putting weight on and i am just not noticing it with being around her all the time. She is nothing like the rescue said she was, maybe she did just need a home environment.
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Oh...I`m sorry...forgive these eyes...they are getting old...I can see that they are not that I got my magnifying glass out!
:-) Linda
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Originally Posted by stampit3d
Oh...I`m sorry...forgive these eyes...they are getting old...I can see that they are not that I got my magnifying glass out!
:-) Linda
I thought the same thing Linda, they looked like hair bands to me, too, LOL!

How sweet that she knew to jump up on your lap so she could go to a home that fit her! I hope she improves, and feels better just for knowing someone really does care.

You can make your own babyfood, too. Maybe the next time you cook meat, just cook a little extra for her, unseasoned, and grind it in the blender. Or just cut it up small, and freeze the leftovers in ziploc baggies to be warmed under running water.

What is your new foster's name?
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WEll, I think she was just happy that someone sat down long enough for her!! It takes the rescue lady so long to clean them all out that she doesn't always have time to sit for any length of time i there. Her nasty streak is coming out more now she is getting settled - last week she would just walk past the other cats regardless of whether they were spitting, this week she is doing the growling!!
Cheers for the tip, but I am a vegi, so don't cook meat (although am buying some this week for Christmas day - they are having 3 turkey breasts and 3 chicken breasts between the 6 of them).
Her name is in the title, it is Molly - it is odd cos the last Molly I had was a brindled tortie, and I have a lodger that colour, so I keep calling her the wrong name!!
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Originally Posted by booktigger
Her name is in the title, it is Molly - it is odd cos the last Molly I had was a brindled tortie, and I have a lodger that colour, so I keep calling her the wrong name!!
Oh, my, that was stupid, wasn't it! Of course her name was in the title!

I hope she settles in nicely and recovers soon. Poor Molly, hope she works it out with the others. I think a few hisses and growls are to be expected.
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Molly is a beautiful cat, but oh my! The look she is giving the camera!

I look forward to seeing more pics.

Oh and thirteen isn't so old. I had a kitty live to be over 20. Maybe she just needed love. I would try the kitten food, it might be just the thing.
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she looks so precious
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I don't think 13 is that old, and I wouldn't say she didn't have long left by looking at her, she just looks a small cat (see eating pic)- I do think she was getting slightly depressed in the rescue as she certainly is doing more than just sleeping and barely eating here!! It is funny, cos when she first came (only a week ago) she didnt make any noise!! Here are some more pics, she is certainly settled (and has been since day 2 - no isolating this cat!!). She has eaten normal cat food since I gave her a/d for a day, still doesn't eat a lot in one go, but I suppose if she hasn't been eating for a while she needs lots of small regular meals - which I can do in the evening.

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She has played for the first time today - and was even better after catnip!! She only played for about 10 mins, but I was happy. She is eating loads (although is sniffly and has gungy eyes, waiting for antibiotics for her)

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She is lovely! What an angel!
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Welcome to the family, beautiful Molly! Only 13? You're just a baby!
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Aww, she really looks happy now..

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Molly is a love! A beautiful girl. and it looks like having a home of her own was just the ticket! She seems to be settling in well.
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