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Amoxicillin Tablets

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Vet gave me 100mg amoxi tabs yesterday for my older cat, Callie, who's coming down with the URI the new kitty had. Callie's next to impossible to pill, but last night she took her pill in a treat. She's not buying it tonight!! Grrr! Can I crush the tab and mix with some canned food?

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Yes, you may crush it to mix with food to bribe Callie to take her medicine! Be sure to mix it with just a small amount of her wet food so it's easier to be sure she eats it all. You can always give her more after she eats that.
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Can your vet give you the antibiotics in liquid form? That's how I gave my kitties their amoxicillin, made it much easier than pilling.
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He can give me liquid, but since she took her pill so well in a treat on Friday night, I didn't see the need to get the liquid from the vet on Saturday morning. But, seeing as how she's an obstinate cat, that didn't work for me last night and the vet's closed!!! Didn't really want to have to force it down her since she'll hiss and pitch a fit. A little yummy canned food is a good enticement for her!!

Thanks for the help!

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Hope Callie enjoys her medicine a bit more tucked nicely into her treat!
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I believe the pills are actually stronger than the liquid, so if its at all possible you need to try and make kitty take the pill. I know it feels mean to force the pill down her throat, but it's for the best. A good trick is to wrap kitty up in a blanket (like you would to clip nails) because it generally keeps them still, and then its quite easy to pop the pill in the mouth, close the mouth and rub the throat to get them to swallow.
My Jasmine has been on just about every antibiotic they make in every form, so I've become quite the pro about pilling her.
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Suggestion - get a pill gun from yr. vet if pilling is going on at yr. house.

They are WONDERFUL. Looks like a long pez dispenser - stick down the
throat and zap, the pill goes straight down!! Vet tech or vet will show you
how to use. As to buying one - got mine from my vet. She can't keep them
in stock they are so much in demand!! Then I give a bit of butter...

In fact I often coat pills in butter to shove down throats - before I got the
pill gun it was MUCH hard. You have my utter sympathies!!!
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Ugh, Riley was on amoxicillian for his eye, and making him take those lil pills was a pain. Most of the time he'd down 'em like a champ (because he had no choice, I tossed hom down his throat) but time he was stubborn! After he was done with all the pills the vet prescribed, I was cleaning up, and sure enough, on lil yellow pill. Smart kitty.

It was really cute. After I dosed him, he sulk, loudly, run around, and then 5 mins later come bach and cuddle
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