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Vibes for Oliver, please!

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I just had to leave my Oliver at the emergency room! I noticed earlier today his balance was way off and he had trouble walking. I was going to wait until Monday to take him in but I heard him crying through the basement ceiling/house floor. I took him to the hospital and since it was a saturday, they couldn't do anything. I ended up going to the emergency hospital and his temp was about 94 degrees and he was severely dehydrated. He had a full bowl of water and the vet said there was no blockage. Anyway, he is on an IV tonight at the hospital in a warm cage.

I just hope he is OK!

Good vibes are welcome!!

Thank you all!!
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Get Well quick vibes to Oliver!! Hope he is up and running soon!
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Many healthy vibes to Oliver!
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Oh we do hope Oliver is ok! 94 temp is quite low for a kitty. We are sending warm vibes and lots of prayers!!
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Have you any idea what is wrong? I do hope he is better soon.
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Feel better soon, little Oliver!
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Here is a loving hug Oliver.
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Oh no! Poor Oliver!
Sending mega get well vibes from me and my gang.
Hope he is well again real soon.
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Sending good wishes for Oliver. I hope everything turns out ok and hes feeling better real soon.
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Sending positive vibes to you and Oliver. I hope everything is OK!
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Please get well soon Oliver!
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, Oliver!
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Oh, I hope Oliver is ok.. Sending some postive vibes~~~~~~~~~~
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Oh please get better Oliver! Sending prayers for Oliver!
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Recover quickly, little boy!
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I`m praying all will be well with your little "Ollie" (sorry, i`m a nick namer from waaaay back.)
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Good thing you took him in! Vibes for you{{{{{}}}}}
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aaaawww poor little Oliver!! Bless his little paws - big vibes for your little man
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Sending many good vibes to sweet Oliver. I hope everything is okay. Please let us know.
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Get well soon Oliver, you can do it boy! Vibes and a prayer coming your way
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