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I'm researching ALL the information I can get on this disease. It is VERY rare in cats. I have an excellent vet and we have done muliple tests on Otis to determine his problem. If anyone has encountered this problem please share with me. We have only had Otis for 4 weeks after adopting from the local shelter and we love him with all our hearts. I don't want him to suffer so I need all the information I can get my hadns on. My vet has him on a liquid type diet and we do everything possible to keep him comfortable. He shows NO signs of pain, he is alert, eats, drinks and sleeps. We will keep caring for him and loving him until he is no longer able to live a comfortable life. Thanks for any input anyone has on this disease.
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I'm more familar with it in dogs than I am with cats. Sadly as I'm sure you know it has no cure. I found this article for you on the subject.


Congradulations on being such a great mom to Otis and he's lucky to have someone like you care for him.
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