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Sam and Clio

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Here are my two cats, Sam and Clio. Clio is a real sweetheart and Sam is a true extrovert, he loves everyone.
I also have a new stray named Pru that I have posted about on the stray/feral forum. She is just starting to warm up a tiny bit to me, but I'll wait a bit more before taking her picture.
I've had Pru two weeks, my son just adopted a Springer Spaniel from a shelter 3 weeks ago, and my sister called last night to say she took in an abandoned basset hound. The three of us have gotten wonderful Christmas presents a bit early this year.
Clio under the Christmas tree today.
Sam waking up from a nap this morning.
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Oh my word you have all definately had such a good early Christmas pressie! and god bless you all for rescueing such beautiful babies in time for Christmas
Lauren x
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What beautiful kitties! I love those blue eyes!
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OOOh so beautiful!! I have a soft spot for Siamese!! Clio looks like my Max!! Big blue eyes
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Good grief those eyes are just gorgeous
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Wow Clio has such amazing blue eyes!
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These are such pretty kitties. i really enjoyed their pics!
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such purrrty kitties got to them
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They are absolutely gorgeous!
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