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Richard Pryor has died!!

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He will be sadly missed.
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We have lost one of comedy's greatest talents. RIP Richard.
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Oh no!..I loved him...my sympathies are with his family.
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I heard about him on the radio earlier. How sad. What a hilarious, groundbreaking comedian.

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So sad to hear of his passing - he was a great comedian, actor and person.

He will be sorely missed all over the world.

RIP - Richard
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I just saw that - that is so sad! He certainly will be missed, I always loved his movies. RIP
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I saw that and while he seems like a good comedian )can't say I ever really "got" him - I was somewhay upset that Pryor got more coverage than Eugene McCarthy (sp?) who tried to do so much good!!!! It says something about the media values in the US that a comedian would get more press than a reformist politician who did so much and was a one time presidential contender. A sad commentary imho.
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I didn't even know who he was.
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I grew up listening to Richard Pryor and Redd Foxx. He will be sorely missed! 2 of the funniest comedians, imho!
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