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correcting manx gene spinal deformity?

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Hi all.

The last time I brought my Bootsie to the vet I was told that I should have her spine looked at. She was hopping around on the examination table and then jumped off onto the floor. I guess she didn't land quite right and my vet freaked out. Also she watched Bootsie walk around and it is true that she limps a bit when walking and there is a small bump on her back from some extra bone where her back legs come together. Often she hops around like a bunny (for a while we called her bunnycat).

Bootsie has a very short tail that looks like a little rabbit tail (maybe her mom was a bunny ). She can move it freely and does so when she is stalking (this is adorable).

She seems healthy to me. She zooms around the house playing chase and wrestling with Monty. She eats like a vacuum cleaner and even goes for Monty's food when he takes too long. She is currently sitting in my lap purring. But the vet said that her deformity might start causing her pain and that she might even feel pain while using the box and/or stop using it at all. I was wondering, has anyone ever heard of (or had) a manx cat receiving spinal correction surgery?
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Breeders will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think your cat is not a true Manx and her problems, as well as her short tail, do result from genetic deformity. All tailless cats are not Manx - the majority are tailless as a result of prebirth problems. If she were mine I would get her examined very carefully for anything that might cause her pain later, as your vet said. She sounds a sweet cat, I hope you get it sorted.
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