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New Kitten! Fighting?

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Hi everyone!

I have an 8 month old kitten, who is quite spoiled. She is female, and fixed. We recently added a new addition to the house, Tobey, who is 3 months old. We had them sniff each other out under the door for a few days before introducing them. I don't know if they are fighting or not! During supervised visits, there was initially some hissing and swatting from the older cat, but that was all. Now, I can have them both in one room, and the older cat chases the younger one, occasionally jumping on top of him, which I will break up. However, the older cat gives the little one a break when he wants to eat, or use his litter. They are not always "fighting", sometimes sitting or lying close together and staring at each other. Little guy does not seem to be scared of her, and walks around the room and plays. The chasing is what worries me - sometimes it is accompanied by louder noises, but no wails. I always seperate them for a while when they get too rough, and they seem better when they get back together. The older cat also paws at the door and meows when she is not with him.

So...are they playing or fighting?

Thanks for your help!!
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If they aren't hissing and growling I would just assume it's playing. My kitties run and jump on each other, sometimes one will pounce from on top of the couch My adult cat was very timid when I brought home my new kitties and was afraid to play with them while I was around because she though I would scold her for it. Just keep an eye on them and as long as they're not squealing i'd let them play
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They're just playing. My kitties are constantly wrestling and chasing each other around the apartment. Sometimes the older one will latch onto the younger one's ear and he'll start wailing. But then the older one lets go, he just gets a little overexcited.
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yeap.. sounds like playing to me as well... When I brought in Rico (5mths old then), Speed wud always initiate 1st contact whilst the other 2 (Wesley n Casper) wud his n growl at Rico's presence. Same thing happen when I brought in Akechi....

usually it took abt a week or so (depending the number of household cats) for senior cats get along with the juniors...
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Sounds like playing to me as well.

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Sounds like you've got everything under control. That's great! Introductions can be tough.
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I agree with the others; sound like play to me. My kittens (from seperate litters) will do the same thing, in fact as soon as they were allowed together after a few days. It really worried me at first, but then (after asking here) I decided to let them be. They were just fine. It didn't take long before they took turns chasing eachother, and they always were the best of friends, even after the most "violent" attacks. They loved it!
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Thanks for all of your help everyone!

They do seem to be getting along okay now, but what do I do when it gets a little too rough? By this I mean Tobey (3 mo) is squealing when Trixie (8 mo) has him pinned down and is biting him. Should I seperate them, or inturrupt the play and then let them continue? I know it takes a while for them to get along but I can't wait until my babies are cuddling!!!
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