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Oh Those Helper Kitties

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Are your kitties big helpers like mine?
She loves helping me with cleaning her litter box. Every time I go to scoop it she runs into the bahroom and gets right there with me. She watches me scoop her poop into the toilet, sniffs the box to make sure I got it all and then watches it go down the toilet when I flush it.
She also helps look under the fridge and couch when her toys are missing. If I don't get to the toys under the fridge right away she tries to get the broom and get them herself.
She just loves to help.
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my kitty likes to help with his food at feeding time he will walk over to the cup board..its on floor level, he opens the door and waits and yes sometimes he sit in the cupboard and waits in the with the cat food..!!
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Reilly loves to help me sweep the floor...he gets into the dirt pile I make and checks it out to see if anything is edible
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awwww what a sweetie.....Kallie just gets in the way when i am trying to clean and wants to play
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Buddy "helps" me pour my coffee. By nudging my elbow, this makes the coffee pour faster .

Rowdy is a big help, when I refill the litter boxes. After I bring in a freshly scrubbed and bleached litter box, she jumps into it and pees BEFORE I can pour the fresh litter into it.
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I too, have had "helper kitties" my dear Riley (now passed) would help me with my sewing. If I was laying out a large piece of fabric, I would call Riley and he would sit on one end of the fabric so I could pull the other end straight. Then we would change positions. Truly! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share a memory of my dear friend.
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Snowball loves helping me make the bed. He runs around chasing the covers while I'm trying to pull them up!
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