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What an Easter blessing that our little kitty is turning out to be. Lucky Nipo is my new white kitty's name. It was taken away from its momma!

My cat, Millie Mitosis, grey with black stripes, has not been real nice. She is used to being the goddess of the house.

She bats at the cat, and growls. But I see a little improvement each day. Like today, Lucky used the litter box for the first time. Millie may have growled a little while I held Millie in my lap, but, when I took Lucky to clean Lucky up, Millie, my good little girl, covered up the poop.

One day at a time, one minute at a time...
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!
Your two kitties sound positively delightful and we are looking forward to hearing more about them and you! Millie, we are a very friendly and helpful group here, whenever you have a question you only need to post it once, and we will give you an answer just as soon as we can.
Enjoy yourself and I hope to see you posting often!!!
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Welcome to The Cat Site!
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I would most certainly NOT "pop your cat on the butt with a flip flop"! There are absolutely no circumstances under which a cat should be hit, because cats do not understand this. They see it as an act of aggression, which only makes them even more aggressive, which is the exact opposite of what you want to accomplish if you are trying to get her to accept a new cat.
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Cats do not respond in a good way to any type of hitting or swatting. Your best bet is to startle your cat either by shaking a soda can full of rocks, or rattling a big strip of tin foil. But please, do not hit you kitty. They are not like dogs and do not respond the same way.

Also, Millie may be acting out with this kitty because Millie no longer has her claws and this can make a kitty act differently. I really hope that this new kitty you have will be able to keep all her claws, because declawing is a really bad thing to do to a cat. Good luck with these two.
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