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I was just wondering.....

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Hi, everyone......new to the site here...

I was just wondering....Is it possible for a resident cat to NEVER accept a new cat? My 6 month old kitten wants to eat my new 3 mo old kitten that i rescued around t-giving. I read the ariticle ya'll had posted somewhere about introducing a new cat into your home. I've been trying to follow the steps exactly...but i have to admit i cheat a little.....sigh.
I also tried the vanilla extract and letting the newcomer walk around so that the resident kitty can get used to his scent. A lady who works at my vet's office said that it took her resident male cat 2 months to finally accept the new male cat. (Sorry, I'm very scatter-brained right now.)
sigh.....it's so hard to feed one cat when your other one keeps trying to run in the new cat's room everytime you open the door....
Also, I was hoping someone could give me some more info on those sprays that help calm cats down....
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Hi, welcome to TCS! The spray to which you're referring is probably Feliway. You may also want to consider getting a Feliway Diffuser. I keep one at all times for my girls.
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oohhh....thanx. What exactly is in the spray to calm them down? Is it 100% safe?
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Some cats are one-household cats only. My resident kitty was 6 months old, very territorial, and grumpy about an intruder on his turf. However, my new kitty was 4 months old and incredibly friendly. He loved everyone and wanted to be everyone's best friend so he won my resident kitty over in about a week. It really depends on the cats' personalities if they will get along or will do better alone.
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