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Cat with Pancreatitis :(

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My cat has what the vet thinks is pancreatitis. She was in the vet hospital for four days total. Two days at emergency where they just looked after her and ran tests, then two days at her regular vet where they had her on an IV. She's been home Wednesday and has not been interested in eating at all. I've been force feeding her the A/V Hill's food the vet gave me, along with some beef baby food, which the vet said was okay to try. Tonight he gave us some pill form of prednisolone, to see if that might start up her appetite. No luck yet.
The only thing she has wanted at all has been my coffee. I know cats aren't supposed to drink coffee and it wouldn't be responsible of me to give her an entire mug full, as much as I want her to eat or drink ANYthing at this point. I have offered her tons of smelly fish and even some chicken. She's just not interested. Cassie is not even five yet, I've had her since she was less than six weeks old, and I'm definitely not ready to lose her.
Other than not eating, she seems much better than she was a week ago. She is sleeping more than usual, but she's grooming and managing to growl at the other cat. Of course Cassie smells funny from being at the hospital! They always act like that after one of them goes to the vet. She also managed to run from her carrier when we had to take her back yesterday to be looked over. Plus she's quite alert, and fighting the feedings (and medicine) like mad. So I know she's not too sick.
If anyone has any experience with this or any suggestions I might not have tried yet, that sure might help.
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I don't have much advice except to tell you that prednisone is an appetite stimulate, and the medication you are giving Cassie sounds like the same thing, so keep giving it and hopefully, she will start feeling more hungry and will start eating. I mainly wanted to bump your thread back up to the top where it will be more easily seen, and you have a better chance of getting more responses.

Good luck, and please post an update to let us know how Cassie is doing.
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Thanks. She actually started eating today. But so far, she has been interested in any kind of cat treat, and the sauce from her favourite Whiskas pouches only. Not drinking any water yet, though I'm thinking of offering her the water from a can of tuna.
Unfortunately, I am still having to force feed her, since this isn't enough food for her to prevent any liver problems. The good news is, she's getting very feisty and fighting the feeding a lot! She's also been wandering around the house today, which is great. The past few days, she's only been mostly lying around in my room.
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