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ok, the weirdest, abnd slightly funny, thing jsut happened! ok, so I'm sitting at my desk and my dads down here at his. Anyway, he suddenly say's "Does charlie have a toy mouse?" and, well, he does, and I said 'yea, so?" well, anyway, we go over....and...his mouse ISN'T that small! yes, he had captured and killed (good boy! now, kill any others...just don't eat them!) a real mouse! *laughs* I compleatly freaked out! my dad was holding him trying to egt him to drop it (well what? was he supost to open his jaw andlet it fall out?!) and meanwhile I'm running up stairs, look at the couch and cry to my mom, who was half asleep, "Mom! charlie's got a mosue! a real one!" and then I run down stairs and my dads given up. anyway, he runs under my desk and I'm fallowing him..and every time he puts it down he picks it back up! so when he put's it down ands I'm in reaching range, I grab him...but, he picks it up begfore I can get him away. :P then I did the msot full proof plan....I went into ym dads word shop, got the can of cat food and he, pluse our other tow cats, come in. just as I'm upbout to egt a handfull and put it in his dish, I see that he dropped it and I put it down, run over, and grab him. wall my dad's picking it up (he used plyers to pick it up by its tail), and my moms freaking out, I'm takeing Charlie up stairs, and he's struggleing to, wall alughing,

I have now exspearenced the weirdness of owning a younge cat. OO and now i'm freaking out cuz we've enver had one in the house...what if theres more?! *sigh* he keep's getting weirder byt he day....also, in an off topic thing, I was woundering, is it ok not to egt a cat nuetered/spayed right away? se, we've had him for a cuple of mounths now, and a lot of things have been going on, espesaly moveing, and we haven't got him nuetered yet...and..welll....OO *cough* every night now he runs around the hosue, meowling at the door and windows....we think he's....*coughs again* looking for a...erm...'girlfriend'. though, what cat would want to be with him is a mystery to me...I eman witht he fact that he sneezes yuck at randome times. but yea, thats all. you can egt on with your lives now.

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Wow...looks like you weren't expecting that. My cats have never caught a mouse *phew* but at least that hopefully means there are no mice around here. Because I think if they saw any they would have a go....as they always want our little hamster...lol!

And about neautering/spraying, it sounds like he is in heat....so the safest thing to do would be to book him into the vets. I know its sad and I hated it when we had to do it to our babies...but its for the best. And also you never know he could exscape...and then....well you know. So if you can I would ring the vets and get an appointment asap.

Good luck and thanks for sharing the story

Eva x
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If your cat is catching mice it is perfectly natural. They have a high prey drive. There is a danger to live prey in that fleas and tapeworms get passed when a mouse is killed and eaten or messed with. It would be a good idea in a few days to run a fecal to your vet to see if the cat has tapeworms. And yes, get your cat neutered as soon as possible.
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Mine's caught 3 in the last month and a half. she doesnt kill them, just holds them and meows. after a short chase, i'll take it from her and distract her from the loss of her toy with treats.
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